Friday, August 11, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


` I can help but ignore the similar remarks by Gloria Arroyo’s two cabinet members, Mr. Michael Defensor, her chief of staff, and Mr. Raul Gonzales, her justice secretary, on the arrest of military officers for rebellion when they announced their withdrawal of support from the de facto president of the Philippines in February this year. When asked by a talk show host why they would not consider the withdrawal of support by Mr. Angelo Reyes, former Army chief of staff under the Estrada administration, and other Estrada top officials as an act of rebellion, both Arroyo “yes men” said that they “won” in grabbing power and therefore the act was not rebellion, after the fact.

Such statements of these two Arroyo guys, one old and one young, echo the ideology of the Jacobins, the Machiavellians, the Marxist-Leninists and Maoists, the fascists, and the Takfiris, the mother of the Al Qaeda terrorists. The doctrine may be simply stated as DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE THE OUTCOME (POWER) REGARDLESS OF MORALITY OR LEGALITY. This is the game they are now playing and to hell with democracy.

With the upset victory of an unknown candidate for Senator over a very well-known and former vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut primary elections a few days ago, it signifies that democratic voters are overwhelmingly against the Iraq war. There’s no way any pro-Bush Republican candidate can win in any heavily democratic election district nationwide. The only issue that can somehow neutralize the imminent democratic victory at the polls this year is President Bush comprehensive immigration reform bill based on the Senate version granting temporary work permit to millions of illegal aliens. Fellow Republicans in Congress, don’t waste time, shed off your stupid racial biases, and pass the reform bill before November.

Money laundering is a very serious crime in the United States especially if committed by illegal aliens. The Immigration and Nationality Act, as Revised ( INA) classifies it as an “aggravated felony” in the same category as illegal drug trafficking and murder. If Jocjoc Bolante, the captured fugitive from the Philippines, would be convicted of an “aggravated felony, “ then he could be subject to an expedited removal regardless of his asylum application. There you get it, good lawyers from the Philippines. American justice needs evidences and if you got some, take them to the courts and off with Bolante’s head.


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