Thursday, June 07, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


In the manner of speaking and perhaps as well as in the way of thinking, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a finer version of controversial lesbian-comedian Rosie O'donnell. But former president Bill Clinton who is said to be tolerant of his wife's antics is no way like Donald Trump who can trade grotesque words and gestures with the female buffoon.
America would be in real trouble again if ever Hillary and Bill get back to the White House.

Just a few months after taking power in 1993, the Clintons were reported to be involved in the first suicide or probably murder of a White House aide. The death of Vincent Foster, former law partner of Hillary and a close friend of Bill in Arkansas who was appointed White House deputy counsel has remained an unsolved mystery. Following such an eerie episode, two personal Clinton friends appointed to sensitive positions resigned in disgrace: Webster Hubbell who was appointed as deputy Attorney General left his job due to involvement in the Whitewater real estate and banking scandal where Hillary and Bill were the prime target of federal investigation. Bernard Nussbaum who was appointed White House counsel decided to quit after getting burned in the Filegate Scandal where he tried to defend Clinton's decision to examine FBI files of thousands of White House employees of past Republican administrations. Nussbaum was also involved in the Vincent Foster affair when he admitted conducting a search of the Foster's office and finding a suicide note in the dead person's brief case after denying investigators' access to the office immediately after the discovery of Foster's body in the park.

If Bill Clinton was able to conduct foreign policy while playing with a female intern at the Oval Office, how would Hillary match such scary behavior? Well, she did recommend a former nightclub bouncer to be White House Chief of Personnel Security who was later found to have no security clearance. She also did order the mass firing of White House permanent employees without cause to satisfy the wish of a campaign donor named Harry Thomason as widely reported. It is wise for American voters to go back and analyze past events characterizing the two Clinton presidencies before even thinking of having a third one.

Consider that former president Clinton was convicted of perjury and punished with a five-year suspension of his lawyer's license. The record of his two administrations was marked with scandalous appointments and corruption. The record of his personal life was also marked with scandalous liaisons with a variety of women who charged him with sexual misconduct and rape.

In the Philippines, the people were able to forget the crimes committed by the Marcos Family particularly the killings of human rights activists and the plundering of public funds because of the magical powers of the Marcos wealth. About 90 per cent of the Filipino people are impoverished and they foolishly look up to the extremely wealthy like the Marcoses as their lords and masters.

I hope the American people are intelligent enough not to be tolerant of a regime that desecrated the Office of the President and even think of getting the same one again despite the so-called Clinton unholy charisma. For the same thing will happen if Hillary wins the presidency: if you get Bonnie, you get Clyde, too.



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