Friday, June 06, 2008

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Straight from the horse’s mouth, as the old cliché goes, a lawyer for the Queens County Republican Club admits that State GOP Joseph Mondello illegally endorsed a non-Republican independent as a candidate for the 5th Congressional District of New York over a solid Republican for 25 years. Within hearing distance from some Republican leaders during a recent event in Flushing Mall, Queens, the legal person said to me that what their leader (Mondello) wants, they have to obey.

Clearly the local GOP counsel is not a good soldier; he can obey unlawful order.

The press has come out with breaking news that no less than the Mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg, wants Joseph Mondello out in preparation for his planned run for the state governorship. It only means that the incumbent Republican Party boss is a failure. Two names have been mentioned as possible replacement for Mondello: former Rep. Tom Reynolds and former Giuliani man, Carbonetti.

A very clear example of Mondello’s weirdness as the highest Republican leader in both Nassau County and New York State was his refusal to let me speak to his executive board in quest for an endorsement of my candidacy for Congress this year. In 2004, he ignored several calls and letter from my campaign staff for an appointment. He did it again this year. Definitely something is wrong with him.

Despite receiving a cold shoulder from Mondello and Phil Ragusa, his guy in Queens, in 2004, I was able to put my name in the ballot in the primary and general election. Unluckily I did not make it, but this time these two men cannot stop my Orient Express to Capitol Hill.

If Barack Obama, a Black man whose father is from Kenya, was able to annihilate the powerful Clinton political machine at the conclusion of the Democratic presidential primary election, Jun Policarpio who is originally from the Philippines, a former U.S. territory, and son of a former anti-Japanese guerrilla fighter allied with the Americans during the second world war, can do better to win the November election against the incumbent anti-Christian liberal democrat, Gary Ackerman.



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