Saturday, September 26, 2009


By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


The world we live in revolves around the sun. That’s how we experience day and night.

I may say that our life in this world is also in the process of revolution. That’s how we experience youth and old age.

The Bible says that in heaven there is no night; therefore, in heaven there is also no old age.

Back to this real world we are now in, everything is subject to cyclical movements. That’s the reason we compare life to a wheel: at one time, we may be up, next time we may be down.

A few days ago, I got an exuberant call from my friend and political ally, Dr. Myrna V. Littlewort. I call her that because she, as a hardcore Republican, stood by me come hell and high water against the wishes of the majority that controls the Party in Queens when I ran for U.S. Congress to represent New York’s 5th District last year for the second time. Another friend and political ally who I need to mention in this regard is Tom Long, chairman of the Queens Country Conservative Party who supported my candidacy all the way against all odds.

Myrna told me that the so-called insurgent group among the Republicans in Queens may no longer be the same with its landslide victory in the recently concluded elections of district leaders. She said that Bart Haggerty, the recognized leader of the insurgent group, as well as his colleagues demolished their opponents endorsed by the Queens county leadership. She herself was just elected Republican District Leader in the 35th Assembly District of Queens.

Well, back to the larger and much larger world we live in, I believe God the Creator does not allow anything or anybody to be always in power. That may be His law and principle because only He should always remain in control.

Moral lesson today: It does not pay to be arrogant for God doesn’t like it.



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