Saturday, June 05, 2010

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


One of the most important responsibilities of the incoming president of the Philippines is to search for good men and women to effect change in the new government. I believe that honesty coupled with intelligence should be one of the first requisites of a government official.

Is it really hard to find an intelligent and at the same time an honest person to serve the Filipino people? What a rare combination of good traits!

To the American people, Abraham Lincoln may be described as both honest and intelligent. Have you ever read his writings, most particularly his famous Gettysburg Address? His speech delivered at the height of the American civil war was short but concise, straightforward and honest, and rich in the advocacy for strong faith, honor, and glory that was worth fighting for. Under his leadership, the American nation was saved from destruction.

Our country, the Philippines, is still young and restless but has the potential to be great like the United States of America. Our leaders since the founding of the Filipino nation under Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo have made some mistakes but always quick to learn from such mistakes. No doubt it really takes many years for a nation to be great.

The time to be positive and optimistic about the future of the Philippines is now and not tomorrow or another day. As the saying goes, like people like government.

It’s the call of the Filipino people to change for the better, not to tolerate corruption or the “among lagay”system, for one. So many have raised the issue of moral regeneration, so to speak, to do what is good, and to leave what is bad.

What would say “No” to such a call for greatness but the terrorists and the scums of the Philippines?


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