Friday, October 08, 2010

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Two political phenomena the world has recently known recently met at the United Nations General Assembly Meeting in New York City. They are President Barack Obama of the United States and President Benign “Noynoy” Aquino of the Philippines.

The meeting of the two leaders was not a formal one but something what the media terms as a “pull aside” meeting. Nobody really heard what they talked about except one who can read lips.

Anyway the political neophyte duo seemed to like each other based from their body language. Well, both politicians were plucked from the shadows and then hoisted by their peoples to the highest post in their governments.

I’m still waiting to see why God chose a mixed race brown-skinned young man born in a far-away multi-ethnic state like Hawaii to rule over America, the most powerful country in the world. Is it to confound the Caucasian segment of American society who always think and feel that they own the United States? Some of them even desire to deny American citizenship from those born in American soil to illegal aliens. Or perhaps just to be true to the biblical saying, “the last shall the first and the first shall be the last in the United States of America?

What about the mixed brown yellowish skinned young man from the Philippines who can traced his family roots from his mother’s side to the Fujian province in China? Remember, the Chinese in the Philippines have suffered years and years of persecution and discrimination going back to the Spanish times. He won this year’s election with a landslide victory despite the rumors spread by his political opponents that he belongs to a mental hospital. He just celebrated his first 100 days as president with a 70 per cent approval rating from the Filipino people. What should be in God’s mind to put him in charge of a country where almost 80 per cent of the population live on squalor? Can he save his people from death and starvation?

Now is the time to wait and see what God in Heaven has planned for the United States and the Philippines in the near future.


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