Wednesday, July 06, 2011

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


The last hope to save the Philippines from poverty and corruption is turning out to be a dud. No fire and brimstone to fall on the evil and the looters of the people’s money dancing on the street like a throng of fools. Such is Noynoy Aquino, the “gameboy” president of the Philippines.

I did perceive the only son of former President Cory who kicked out the dictator from Malacanang and Ninoy who was killed by the dictator’s minions as the ultimate saving grace of the poor Filipino masses raped and ravished by a series of foreign colonizers. I now realized that like anybody else, I am also a victim of a wild imagination. He definitely cannot deliver what he promised to do during his campaign for the presidency after one long year of fuzzy politics.

Consider the case of Jocjoc Bolante who escaped to the United States and applied for asylum in order to avoid prosecution in a multi-million dollar Fertilizer Fund scam then being investigated by the Philippine Senate. The United States government denied his asylum application and finally agreed to send him back to the Philippines instead of wasting American taxpayers’money in feeding him in jail.

Here’s the joke on Jocjoc: Aquino has been president for one year and Bolante is living like a king in the Philippines.

What has happened is that the Arroyo regime of thieves preceded a ruling crowd of limping wrists led by an unmarried leader who appears to be a Casanova wannabe. This culture naturally spawned an emerging and fast dominating subculture of influential entertainers and comedians with no brains mostly gays and lesbians even permeating the halls of Congress, both the Senate and the House and some local governments. And the result is, it seems to be: the Philippines has become the entertainment capital of Asia where the poor gets poorer when they give their hardearned money to the rich entertainers who managed to make them laugh with an empty stomach.

Unless I see thousands of job-creating factories and industries being established in the Philippine under his second year in office, President Noynoy Aquino can only good as a toy president of the idol-worshipping and gullible Filipino masses.

And wait for the next leader!


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