Thursday, September 07, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


When Congressman Alan Peter Cayetano of Taguig, Pateros picked a fight with the Arroyo Family that uses lots of money to buy power, he should have expected outright intimidation and bullying tactics to come down at him. I think he actually did after making that privileged speech exposing the Arroyos’ hidden wealth in Germany and in the United States. But he would now on the defensive when he goes before the House Ethics Committee for investigation as prompted by the giggling Arroyo cronies in Congress.

Now, what can he do to regain the initiative and put back the Arroyos on the defensive?

Brilliant Filipino journalists have already written a lot about President Bush’s campaign against foreign corruption and money laundering. Financial investigations are currently underway in most Latin American countries, the Philippines, and other countries where terrorists take refuge.

Congressman Cayetano’s evidence to tie up the Arroyo Family to large-scale corruption and money laundering if delivered to proper law enforcement authorities such as the Foreign Corruption Task Force of the US Department of Homeland Security would be as effective as EDSA 2 to bring down a corrupt leader from power.

Whoever wins the Democratic Primary elections in Flushing, Queens to represent the 22nd Assembly District in Albany, New York virtually wins the race in November. The district was carefully crafted through redistricting to enable the more numerous Asian residents to be represented by an Asian American in the State Legislature. That explains the 2004 victory of Jimmy Meng, the first Asian American State Assemblyman.

Now, we have two Asian Americans running against each other for the spot. It will definitely split the Asian vote and deliver victory to the one non-Asian candidate. Unless one of the Asian candidates is exceptionally popular than the two opponents, the fast growing Asian community in the 22nd Assembly District would again be represented by a person who does not understand Asian culture. This is just one of the nuances of ethnic politics.



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