Friday, December 29, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Virgilio Garcillano, a former Election
Commissioner caught on tape presumably by military
elements in a conversation with de facto president
Gloria Arroyo in 2004 wherein he assured the unelected
president of the Philippines at least a victory margin
of one million votes, now plans to run for Congress in
next May elections. Reliable witnesses such as a
military general, election officials, some elected
officials and other military officers have testified
that Garcillano conducted the infamous vote rigging
operations during the 2004 presidential elections. If
he is declared winner during the canvassing of votes
by members of Congress where the majority are Arroyo
cronies, then the Filipino people, the sovereign
power, is justified to dismantle a corrupt
administration by force THE SAME WAY A SURGEON REMOVES


I did not know that President Bush or his advisers
took my critical comments of his policy towards the
Iraqi situation too personal. For the first time on a
Christmas season under the Bush Administration, there
was no Christmas’06 card from the White House gracing
our cabinet. Or because I did not send in additional
contributions to the RNC. However, Mr. Ed Moy, Mr.
Bush’s Director of White House Personnel, still
returns my call.


Democrats Barach Obama and Hillary Clinton are two
fast rising minority candidates for the American
presidency. One is young and Black and the other is
white and an older woman. On the Republican side,
there is also another fast rising minority candidate
whose name ends in a vowel: Giuliani. It looks like
the 2008 presidential elections will be a derby of
minority runners.


Most controversies revolve around the issue of what
is the correct definition of a word. In the
Clinton-Lewinsky Sex Scandal, it’s the definition of
“sexual relations.” In this recent battle for custody
of the American soldier convicted of raping a Filipino
woman, it’s the definition of “judicial proceedings.”
I hope Einstein’s theory of relativity can apply to
all these controversies involving time and space.



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