Thursday, October 12, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Mark Foley, a Republican Congressman from Florida,
was forced to resign from his elective post due to a
psychosexual problem of homosexual pedophilia. Barney
Frank, a Democratic Congressman, is still in office
despite the same condition. Why?


Philippine officials involved in the nursing test
cheating are being prosecuted by Philippine justice
officials. However, elected officials and other
government people, including the de facto president,
involved in the 2004 presidendential elections are
still waiting to be prosecuted. Why the delay?


In North Korea today, the word of the Korean leader,
Kim Jong Il, is the law because he is a dictator like
former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, former
Iragi leader Saddam Hussein, former Italian leader
Benito Mussolini, and former German dictator Adolf
Hitler. In the Philippines today, the illegitimate
leader Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, has been showing
tendencies to follow the way of the dictators. She
must be reminded of the gruesome end of such
dictators: Marcos banished in Hawaii like a leper,
Hussein captured hiding in a ground hole like a filthy
rat, Mussolini hanged upside down and shot, and Hitler
who burned himself to death to escape a humiliating


The so-called conservative but truly racist
Republicans and Democrats in Congress should be
serenaded with a solemn requiem of their political
demise this coming November elections. The way these
conservatives killed President Bush’s immigration
reform bill betrayed themselves as nothing less than
xenophobes. There’s still hope for the bill to pass in
next year’s Congress.


Vincent J. Tabone, Queens GOP vice-chairman, said in
a letter to the Editor of TIMESLEDGER that the mission
of his group is to recruit and support the best
candidate for a political office. For the record, his
group nominated a candidate to run against Democratic
Rep. Gary Ackerman in 2002. This candidate, the
group’s legal counsel who may be still in jail because
of a crime committed, received only about 5% of the
vote despite the full support of his group’s political
machine. His group refused to endorse my candidacy
against Ackerman because of my message, EQUALITY AND
JUSTICE, which they believed was not coherent to the
group’s agenda. For this year’s midterm elections,
Tabone’s political machine failed to field any
candidate against the Democratic re-electionist. What
do you think of that? It is a failure in leadership.



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