Wednesday, January 24, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


President George W. Bush is just the right leader for the American people in these times of uncertainty but a time of prosperity. He keeps his promise of protecting America from all evil, particularly from terrorist groups. And now he is taking the better course to accomplish the mission in Iraq: keep the spirit of freedom alive and defeat the insurgent terrorists.

Consider President Bush’s pronouncements in his recent State of the Union Address: “Yet we’re all held to the same standards, and called to serve the same good purposes: To extend this nation’s prosperity; to spend the people’s money wisely; to solve problems, not leave them to future generations; to guard America against all evil; and to keep faith with those we have sent forth to defend us.”

To abandon Iraq and send American troops back home may be quite popular with the media and a lot of ultra-active pressure groups. Some Republican allies of the White House seem to be falling into that miscalculation for political expediency. But the president of the United States given the amount of intelligence he receives every morning knows what to do and to go with the emotions and not with reason and the truth is not the correct path to solve the problem in the Middle East. A mission to free any people from bondage of dictatorship and totalitarianism is always in accordance to the will of God. It will surely succeed!


The Philippines with her rich natural resources and her Filipino people endowed with excellent talents and abilities do not deserve the corrupt and self-seeking kind of leaders and politicians aspiring to be elected to responsible positions in government. I call on concerned non-partisan groups to educate the voters in these very important and historical May elections by feeding them with accurate data on the character background and performance of the aspiring candidates for public offices. And I also call on concerned foreign organizations to observe the conduct of the May elections and report any irregularities to the media, both local and foreign, in the casting and counting of votes.



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