Wednesday, August 01, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


My article on New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's rumored plan to run for the 2008 presidential election and his switch of political parties from Republican to Independent got hit with two counter-attacks from undoubtedly hard-core Bloomberg fanatics. Since my opponents were also shooting from the barrels of their pens, I have to defend myself with a sharper attack.

One writer named Paula Berger from Little Neck said: “One's religious beliefs should have nothing to do with one's ability or calling to lead a nation.” Here's my response: Would you allow Osama Bin Laden or any of his Islamic terrorist fanatics to lead the American nation?

The same writer said: “I, as a Jew, do not celebrate the birth of Christ and find it ludicrous for someone to suggest that makes me any less of an American.” Here's my response: As a Jew, you don't have to celebrate the birth of Christ. If you are the President of the United States, you have to celebrate it because Christmas is an official federal holiday.

The same writer said: “We currently have a 'Christian Presidency.' Never before has our country been less safe.” Here's my response: Don't you know that the very reason why Islamic Jihadists of Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups hate the United States so much that they want to destroy it is our country's strong support for Israel? How much more unsafe if America is under a Jewish presidency?

For the same writer's education on the real meaning of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state: No law shall be passed to establish a religion and to abridge the free exercise of any religion. It does not mean to ban prayer in government schools or before Congress begins its sessions. The framers of the American Constitution were victims of religious persecution in their homelands and they want religious liberty to be a constitutional principle.

Now, the other writer named Victoria Brown from Whitestone said: “Mr. Policarpio:There are people of the Jewish faith, the Muslim faith and many other faiths all over America who would strongly object to a president who would sing Christmas carols and display the Nativity scene.” Here's my response to this childish remark: Of course, they are free to object because they are not Christians.

I must conclude that the reactions of the two anti-Christian readers reflect a slow creeping movement around the communities of America to de-Christianize our nation: abolish Christmas as a federal holiday, ban display or mention of anything Christian in our government buildings such as our schools, hospitals, public places, the White House, the Capitol, and other government buildings.

Fellow Christians, it's time to wear the Armour of God and protect America from the enemies of Christ.



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