Thursday, January 10, 2008

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


There's something in the female specie of Homo sapien that is so deadly and powerful: a woman's tears accompanied by a croaking voice. So many times that I was compromised and disarmed by such a weird force that I have made it a policy not to be moved by a woman crying.

Yet it happened it New Hampshire recently during a campaign event when the only female candidate for the presidency, Democrat Hillary Clinton, tearfully expressed her frustration over her declining poll numbers that was about to crush all her dreams for a return to the White House. At a debate when she was told that the voters perceive her to be unlikeable campared to her main opponent, Sen. Barack Obama to be likable, she again showed her feminine way of feeling rejected with a breaking smile. At another time when her two male opponents, Obama and Edwards, somewhat ganged up on her telling her that she is not an agent of change, she again showed a female feline reaction – shaking with big eyes blazing - when getting cornered.

If television comedian Ellen Degeneres, a lesbian, could cry over a dog's future, how much more of a former First Lady like Hillary Clinton worried about her own future. Both of them became media's favorite news. The publicity generated by Hillary's emotionalism perhaps touched the women of New Hampshire 57 percent of whom went out to cast their votes on January 8th that virtually turned the pollsters predicting a landslide for Obama as big-time jokers

Anyway, I believe God does move it mysterious ways: Hillary Clinton's defeat in Iowa stopped her coronation as the inevitable Democratic nominee in the same manner as Obama's defeat in New Hampshire demolished his “rock star” image and set aside his “winning the presidency.”

So the presidential campaign goes on under a state of uncertainties and unpredictabilities affecting both the Democratic and Republican candidates. Mitt Romney's millions once again failed to buy a victory in New Hampshire against a former underdog, Sen. John McCain, who emerged as the winner. Another former underdog, former Arkansas Mike Huckabee, landed on third place behind Romney defeating known political entities such as Rudy “America's Mayor” Giuliani and Sen. Fred “Law and Order” Thompson.

Now I realized why American media this time has put a lot of attention to elections in small states like Iowa and New Hampshire. It's the momentum, stupid!



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