Saturday, November 03, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


So many interesting revelations came up from last Tuesday's Democratic Presidential Debate in Philadelphia.

First, Hillary, the only woman candidate, was exposed as a flip-flopper and a phony for making confusing and conflicting statements as she responded to questions about Iraq, Iran, the NAFTA, Social Security, and the current issue whether to give driver's license to illegal aliens. She even refused to allow media access to her archived files during her time as First Lady for 8 years under the Clinton administration.. Is she hiding a lot of questionable stuff from the American people?

Then, three of her male opponents namely Obama, Edwards, and Dodd, ganged up on her and painted her as somebody who cannot be trusted to lead the United States because of her seeming lack of integrity even without mentioning her illegal campaign donations. She finally stumbled in the remaining laps of the presidential derby.

Another candidate, Rep. Dennis Kucinich from Ohio, ridiculed himself by admitting that he indeed saw a UFO. Modesty aside, I may say by the way he talks and smiles and also the way he thinks, he was telling the truth about his “Close Encounter with the Third Kind.”

The other two candidates, Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson turned out to be Hillary's defenders thus betraying their ambition to be chosen as the vice-presidential running mate of front runner Hillary if she wins the nomination. Biden avoided any unfavorable comments about Hillary's flip-flop and insisted that he is running against Republican front runner Rudy Giuliani who he said was campaigning on a platform of “a noun, a verb, and 9/11.” He described Giuliani as the “most underqualified candidate for president.” On the other hand, Richardson also tried to cover for Hillary against what he labeled as “personal attacks” from Obama, Edwards, and Dodd.

What is interesting to note regarding the UFO issue was Gov. Richardson's comment that the Federal government does not want to tell the whole story of UFO sightings by certain people like fellow candidate Kucinich. Remember, Richardson is the governor of New Mexico where aliens were reported to have landed in a New Mexican city of Roswell. Is he also a believer?


The recent Primary elections to choose local leaders of the Queens County Republican Party put those who support Democratic candidates still in control. These leaders have a history of endorsing Republicans who are really Democrats at heart such as Giuliani, Pataki, and Bloomberg. They are again gearing up to support the candidacy of Democrat and big-time Hillary fund raiser John Katsimatidis who just recently switched to the Republican Party for the 2009 New York mayoral elections.

Now the Filipinos can not claim to have the monopoly of harboring “political butterflies” or
“ balimbings”( a Philippine fruit having a characteristic multi-sided shape). New Yorkers are also noted for it.



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