Wednesday, October 10, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Nicholas Wapshott, a New York Sun columnist, writes in his October 10th article
“Inevitable?” that among the Democratic presidential candidates, only former vice-presidential candidate John Edwards, has the guts to “pull the trigger” and unleash a barrage of attacks against Hillary Clinton, the current front runner for the Democratic Primary next year. The other candidates like Obama, Biden, Richardson, and Dodd were observed to have pulled their punches against Hillary to make themselves available for being selected as a running mate or being offered top positions in an “inevitable” Clinton administration.

According to Wapshott, Edwards does not believe that Clinton is the inevitable winner in the Primary elections early next year and a possible winner in the November 2008 general elections against the Republican nominee. He is just waiting for the right timing like knocking your opponent in the 11th round of a boxing match.

Well, anybody who watched any of the Democratic presidential debates would notice that Sen. Hillary Clinton's performance followed a carefully written script in response to an expected question. In other words, the democratic voters have no idea what's really behind her big piercing eyes. John Edwards and his wife somehow know and are ready to press the button very soon.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, consider reading the transcripts of all the criminal cases and graft cases filed against the Clinton couple and their cronies from the time prior to Bill's election to the governorship of Arkansas until his impeachment proceedings during his second term of office as president of the United States. I may say that however powerful is Bill's so-called charisma or “teflon character” to ward off the stinging darts of his critics, it won't help Hillary because as they proudly say, they always do their thing together. When they are politically undressed during the campaign, the voters will cover their noses from the stink.

There's no wonder now why Republican strategists, particularly Karl Rove, wants to see Hillary as the Democratic nominee. Is she indeed an inevitable loser in the general elections?


Two ruling families in control of the Philippine government, the Arroyo Family and the De Venecia Family, reportedly had an urgent meeting in Malacanang Palace, official residence of the de facto president, to ease a growing tension between them as a result of the Philippine Senate's expose of a bribery and “kickback” scandal in connection with a multi-million dollar Philippine-China business deal that involve Joey De Venecia, the House Speaker's son and Benjamin Abalos, the resigned Commission on Election chairman. Abalos is widely believed to have managed the rigging of the 2004 presidential elections to favor Gloria Arroyo over the now deceased opposition candidate, Fernando Poe, Jr. who was a popular movie actor. In the meeting, both families pledged to stay as political allies and preserve their shaky coalition to keep themselves in power.

Lately the Philippine Senate Committee charged with investigating the criminal conspiracy among the major players belonging to the two families, particularly Mike Arroyo, the Philippine president's husband, announced to proceed with the hearings this month. They want to have Romulo Neri who is considered to be a very close Arroyo crony in the witness stand again. In the past hearing, Neri refused to continue with his testimony about his conversations with President Arroyo after he was told not to accept Abalos' 200 million peso bribe and invoked “Executive Privilege”

In this particular situation, the Philippine Senate may be able to make Romulo Neri and Joey De Venecia as their own “Joseph Valachi” to tell the truth to the Filipino people about the existence of a criminal syndicate and its chain of command within the government. Perhaps Luis “Chavit”Singson whose testimony led to the conviction of his close friend, former Philippine president Joseph Estrada for plunder, is smiling ear to ear because his tribe is increasing.



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