Friday, August 10, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


On top of proving to the Filipino people and the wholeworld that she did not cheat in the 2004presidential elections, Gloria Arroyo is now obligedby the Free World represented by international human rights groups, United Nations Human Rights Council,various church organizations, and law experts to bring to justice all those involved in extra-judicial killings of persons accused of anti-Arroyo activities.It would seem to be an impossibility for her to comply with such an order if she is indeed a part of the criminal activities together with her military minions.

Recently American legislators are thinking of employing sanctions against the Arroyo administration since nothing has happened despite mounting calls andappeals to stop and prosecute the killers of Filipino militants and dissidents. The planned sanction is inthe form of a cut in military aid to the Philippines.And if this materializes, Gloria Arroyo's militarysecurity and other paid military hacks would be adversely affected. She then would be an easy target for her enemies.

Liquidating anybody who undermines one's hold to0 power has been the favorite policy of illegitimate leaders. Marcos was a good prototype of such acharacter. And he met an extremely humiliating ending:a corrupt body dying in the most corruptive manner.

Corrupting the nation's military leadershiptodoone's bidding has been another strategy employed by infamous world's despots. Even former Americanpresident Richard Nixon in his book, LEADERS,prescribed it for a leader who would like to hold topower by all means. He resisted the temptation, I believe, and opted to resign gracefully.

It is getting to be very clear that Gloria Arroyo'shold to political power in the Philippines teeters onthe strength of her paid military hacks. Scuttle it,as in a game of chess, and the illegitimate leader is taken out as checkmated. When the United States Congress finally decides to cut military aid to the Philippines, Gloria Arroyo's military minions will have not enough bullets for their guns, shoes and helmets for the soldiers, nomore helicopters, no more modern weapons of war, and no more motivation and morale to fight. Do we have to wait for this dispensation to happen at the cost of Filipino lives.?

I call on Gloria Arroyo to consider all options, most especially resignation, in order to restore justice and democracy in the Philippines if she does not want to tarnish the name of her father, Macapagal, to mean cheating, lying, and stealing.



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