Saturday, August 18, 2007

By Gonzalo "Jun" Policarpio


Mark Fabro wrote:Let me introduce myself, I am a 27 single youngprofessional working for HSBC global center andearning 22,000 per month plus allowances. I do repectyour opinion, but obviously you are not in thePhilippines and you have no idea of the economic andpolitical situation here at present. I am glad that president Arroyo have cheated on thepresidential elections, because if not, FPJ wouldvemade this country sink lower and lower.

Let me justgive you some examples of what happened in my lifewhen GMA is the president 1. My job HSBC and hundreds of call centers boomedduring her presidency. HSBC even told us they heldback when it was Erap who was running the country aspresident due to political instability and kidnappingswere rampant. 2. The peso is at its all time high for the last sevenyears for 46 pesos - 1$ and still getting stronger. 3. GMA gave funds to fix the roads and providedlights in our streets in Laguna 4. Renovation of South Expressway which i use everydayto travel to work. 5. She is working to fight against graft andcorruption (as an example see

Theres a lot more to say but I can honestly tell youlife for me has been better during her presidency,Everything seems to be in order and Filipinos now knowhow to vote. If she resigns, who would replace her?ITs the very reason why there was no Edsa 3, becauseFilipinos are tired. We want to see change and notjust another useless president. Think about it, if sheresigns, Noli de Castro would replace her, what wouldhappen to our economy then?

My rejoinder:Thanks for your response. I also respect youropinion.However, let me make some comments on your opinion.

You said: "I am glad that president Arroyo havecheated on the presidential elections, because if not,FPJ wouldve made this country sink lower and lower."

I say: You categorically condone cheating andbetraying the will of the Filipino electorate. Sin orcrime is never good despite the benefits you enjoyedyourself from its commission. You live in a democracyand the welfare of the poor masses takes priority.Regarding FPJ, you prejudged him as incompetent.Remember Magsaysay who was ridiculed by his critics asignoramus. He proved to be a great Filipino president.

You said: "Theres a lot more to say but I can honestlytell you life for me has been better during herpresidency."

I say: I can't argue against your feeling that lifefor you is better under Arroyo. How about the life ofthe poor masses, millions of street children livingfor awhile and then dying of hunger, thousands ofhomeless families living on garbage and then dyingslowly of diseases, and more millions of Filipinos,mostly college graduates trying their luck in war-tornMiddle Eastern countries to work as domestic servantsa little bit higher than slaves?

You said: If she resigns, who would replace her?

I say: If she resigns, Noli de Castro needs to resign too. They were in it together during the 2004 presidential elections. Then, the next in line succeeds to the presidency until the next presidential elections unless the Filipino people calls for an election as soon as possible. In this scenario, the problem of Arroyo's illegimate rule is solved and the democratic process continues.

Our God in Heaven is a God of law and order and man's law is subservient to God's law.


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