Wednesday, January 23, 2008

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Bill Clinton, former president and husband of Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has a government record of lying under oath and lying publicly before a worldwide television audience during his impeachment hearing in 1998. I believe his attacking words lodged against her wife’s opponents during the current election campaign should be taken lightly by the media and by the candidates. In other words, a former president who was found by a judge to have lied in a deposition and punished though with a very light sentence of a five-year suspension of his lawyer’s license has already lost his credibility as a statesman. He resigned his membership in the United States Supreme Court Bar. The American people should now treat him as a mere entertainer and a comedian.

Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate is getting away with a lot of serious negative things she did during her time as a First Lady in Arkansas and at the White House during the debates and interviews with the media. Definitely the issue of national security or keeping America safe from harm and economic reforms should take priority in evaluating her competence to lead the American people to greater peace and prosperity.

For a start, consider whether Hillary is equipped with knowledge in military science and tactics, military leadership, strategic intelligence, experience in the conduct of military operations, and emotional fortitude that are required of an effective chief executive and Commander-in-Chief of all the American forces. Look at the scale and surely she is found wanting.

During her first year at the White House, Hillary was mentioned in court records to be instrumental in the appointment of Craig Livingstone, an ex-Washington, DC nightclub bouncer, as Director of the White House Office of Personnel Security. It was reported that this person was also authorized to carry the attaché case containing the nuclear button for a pre-emptive strike in case of a nuclear attack. Livingstone finally resigned after government investigators were looking into his direct involvement in requesting FBI files of previous White House Republican officials and employees and reading them without their consent.

For another start, consider whether Hillary is equipped with knowledge, experience and skills in fixing America’s economic problems. Government records will show her involvement as a lawyer-investor of a real estate scam in Arkansas known as the Whitewater Real Estate Scandal during the 70s and 80s that victimized a lot of innocent real estate investors. Again look at the scale and clearly she is found wanting.

So much for now since there exists a mountain of information available in the internet, in public records, in court records, and even in the Clinton Archives that will portray Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as too dangerous to be the next American President.




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