Friday, June 27, 2008

By Jun Policarpio


I believe God chose the United States of America for a special purpose according to His will.

From a small colony of pilgrims who escaped from the tyrannical rulers of Europe during the 17th Century, the first batch of settlers landing in Jamestown, Virginia on May 13, 1607 later grew with succeeding influxes of what may now be commonly called “immigrants.” When they became so numerous, they decided to organize themselves into a colonial government under the authority granted by England.

Being denied representation in the English legislature, the American colonists revolted and finally won their independence on July 4, 1776.

From then on, America overcame periods of hardships, struggles for survival, and disunity. The end of the civil war during the later part of the 19th century brought into life a reinvigorated Union of the North and the South with the abolition of slavery and other economic reforms instituted by President Abraham Lincoln.

The rise of industrialism turned the United States into a prosperous country beefed up by a strong economy. Being acclaimed by the free world as the leading country to preserve democracy threatened by the first and second world wars, America has been regarded by the international community as a world power.

Upon the collapse of the Soviet power during the Reagan administration, the United States is now the only superpower in the world.

Since becoming a world power militarily and economically, America has been constantly blessed by God as immortally documented in the song “God Bless America.” As if under the instructions from the Divine, our country has offered freedom and refuge to all victims of tyranny and terrorism all over the world. She has also been consistent in offering help of any kind to the poor and impoverished nations of the world.

I believe that as long as we, the American people, keep the faith and the ideals upon which our country was founded such as the basic core values of freedom, justice, and equality and the loving faith of our fathers who founded this “land of the free and home of the brave,” God’s blessings will continue to pour on the American Nation.



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