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By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


When the Serpent at the Garden of Eden succeeded in tempting the first woman, Eve, to eat the forbidden fruit and share it with her husband, Adam, it tells us that man is by nature corruptible and condemned to eternal punishment. So we all need a Savior in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. By the way, as a Christian, I say this to my readers and this is my faith.

Yet history will teach us that a person is essentially evil, not holy. Every human being needs to be reborn spiritually to effect a change from evil to goodness.

So many novels have been written based on true stories about the greed of men and women. A common plot would be about a group of friends who discovered a treasure somewhere and because of greed, each one tried to kill each other to grab the treasure.

Greed may take the form of lust for money or for power or for glory: three temptations used by the Devil to tempt Christ. Jesus is the only man who ever lived to pass this test. Though He was the Son of God, Jesus took the test as a man subject to human frailties.

Without Jesus, no person would be able to reject the Devil’s temptations: an extremely delicious fruit to eat and to have power and knowledge like God in exchange for your soul.

Leaders of the world since time immemorial have sold theirs soul to the Devil that brought about sickness, destruction, and catastrophes caused by wars and violence. Such leaders failed to get power, knowledge, and riches as promised by the Devil. Instead, they were all condemned to die forever as victims of the evil deceiver.

Still most people allow themselves to be deceived by Satan because they miss something in their hearts – a Savior.

The Bible says to fight the Devil, we need the Savior who said: seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door will open; ask, and you will be given Salvation through Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God.



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