Tuesday, June 29, 2010

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


June 30, 2010 marks the end of the Arroyo regime in the Philippines that lasted for nine exciting years. Those years were also inciting because majority of the people have been looking forward to see the end of the Arroyo line.

As I said before in my previous column, the outgoing Philippine president I may say was chosen to rule the Filipino people for reasons God only knows. The same thing was true to the Marcos regime or to any other unpopular governments the world has ever had.

I surely think that God’s way is from night to day, death to life, or from gloom to joy. That would explain the applicability of some popular quotations such as “behind the cloud, there is a silver lining” or a Tagalog saying, “kung may hirap, may ginhawa.”(After poverty is prosperity)

The best way to start the incoming Aquino regime is look on the sunny side of life.

However, there are always bumps on any road or pitfalls to avoid on any journey to happiness. A positive mental attitude or hope for a better Philippines is indeed imperative to start rebuilding what was broken or damaged.

The idea that a public office is a public trust suffered the most in terms of value during the outgoing administration. Bundles and bundles of graft and corruption cases against high government officials have piled up in the courts’ logbooks and so far there have been very few convictions.

Lying and stealing among top government officials has become rampant at the expense of justice. Bribery has become a cultural trait among the people to get things done.

Killing of a human being has also become a norm as a byproduct of the rule of injustice. A crooked politician may order the liquidation of his political enemies at a cost of two thousand pesos per head, I presume. In most cases, the lawmen were the outlaws.

But I must say that “honesty is still the best policy.”

If what the former nanny said of Noynoy Aquino, the incoming president, is true that his greatest strength is doing what he promises to do or in other words, being honest, then we, the Filipino people, are in for a lot of surprises in dealing with the new Philippine government.


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