Friday, November 12, 2010

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


I am not a movie tattler or a gossip columnist but the story going around the Philippine media about the new lovelife of the bachelor Philippine President Noynoy Aquino is too interesting that pushed me to be one for this column. Let us just say I can’t help writing about it.

The rumormongers are now saying that Pnoy just dumped his girlfriend for many years and planned to marry his personal assistant who is a close friend of his youngest sister. If this is true, then I may say that the young Philippine president has rushed to a path “where angels fear to tread.” He became a “fool.”

Dealing with women, especially beautiful women with brains, is a special skill. I just hope that Pnoy finds an excellent adviser in this area. What I am trying to say is that a woman rejected is a dangerous tiger. And this tiger can fight back.

Look what happened to JFK and Bill Clinton. They are both losers in love, and in war, too.

Another gossip milling around the Philippine media circles is that the President’s dumped girlfriend has accepted to be a television co-host of the popular singer-comedian Willie Revillame. Willie, as the television host is commonly known to the masses, has fully enriched himself through his extra-popular gameshow, Wowowie, that equally gained millions of viewers around the world. This guy really knows how to use his millions in luring beautiful women. I know because he comes from my hometown of Cabanatuan City where most men are regarded as “barakos” or “katyao baryo.” (Lady’s Man in English)

This gossip story will become more interesting if in the end, we will see Willie Revillame proposing marriage to his co-host, the President’s former girlfriend. And he wins when he wins her heart.

Poor Pnoy!


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