Monday, December 12, 2005

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


If the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines (ISAFP) DID INDEED tape the conversations
of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and former Election
commissioner Virgilio Garcillano notoriously known as
“Garci,” they should be proud of it for catching two
individuals conspiring to commit criminal activities.
Since GMA as the acting Philippine president is
commonly called unconstitutionally grabbed
presidential power from Joseph Estrada in 2001 and
also was not duly elected in 2004, ISAFP is not liable
to a security breach. As the FBI caught the late
former MAFIA kingpin John Gotti on tape discussing
murder and other criminal activities with his
gangsters that led to the mobster’s arrest and
conviction, so did ISAFP record on tape Gloria and
Garci discussing vote-rigging, kidnapping, and

As always as God wills it, crime does not pay. The
biblical verse that says “there is nothing hidden that
shall not be revealed” is actually a law of Nature and
a law of God. FBI files tell of a murder-rape of a
Filipina nurse by a television repairman in the
Midwest. It remained unsolved for years. Then a
mysterious incident happened: the supposedly
lingering soul of the murdered nurse went into the
being of another Filipina nurse and revealed to her
the identity of her murderer. Just recently a quack
doctor hid the body of a Filipina in his basement and
covered it with cement. New York police almost gave up
the hunt for the killer except for a good lead
provided by a psychic that led to the location of the
dead woman’s body buried in cement.

Emperor Nero in the early centuries burned Rome where
the masses who were mostly Christians lived. Then he
converted the burned areas into his pleasure gardens
and even constructed an artificial lake at the center.
Worse still, he blamed the burning of Rome on the
Christians. He ordered the arrest of Christians to be
thrown into wild beasts for a circus show and to be
burned at stakes as lightings for his magnificent
gardens. The Roman Senate did not approve of Nero’s
excesses and their relations deteriorated. Yet Nero
continued with his insanity. He went to Greece for the
Olympic Games. He claimed he won the chariot race
though he fell off the chariot since nobody dared to
defeat him.

So God punished Nero severely for his sins. He
suffered crisis after crisis such as food shortages,
rebellions of his governors, and military defeats.
When another leader informed the Senate of his
availability to take over the empire, the Senate
immediately condemned Nero to be flogged to death.
Instead of surrendering, Nero killed himself with the
help of his secretary.

Here’s the moral lesson from the story of Nero to
those concerned: GOD IS NOT DEAD.



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