Friday, June 30, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Lou Dobbs, a CNN evening anchor, is fast becoming a mad advocate of xenophobia, hatred toward aliens, in America. He spends his hour-long slot of attacking President Bush immigration reform program that would provide temporary work permits to millions of undocumented aliens. With such an extreme negative behavior towards immigrants, this guy must be keeping “a skeleton in the closet’ about his roots in the United States. It will come out very soon.

A flamboyant immigration lawyer who dramatizes his business in television charges an “outrageous fee” of $15,000 per person to a poor family in the Philippines. They could not afford it naturally. The lawyer’s show even used their story as one of its dramatic sales pitches. The case is a simple claim to US citizenship by two children of an American soldier who fought and died in the Philippines during the Second World War.

Stephen Minarik, chairman of the New York State Republican Party, swallowed his pride when he endorsed the candidacy of John Faso for Governor of New York. He once told this candidate that he was in “La La land” and cannot win. Well, at the recent Republican Party convention, Faso overwhelmingly defeated Minarik’s candidate, former Massachusetts governor William Weld. In an interview, Minarik said that he went to “La La land” and he did not find John Faso there. That’s how a politician talks.

At the recent Philippine Independence Day Street Fair in Manhattan, GOPPO Digital lost its designated booth to another organization. It turned out that the organizer at the last minute crossed out the original assigned slots without informing GOPPO. And GOPPO found itself without a booth. The organizer was nowhere to be found. Did he take the money and run? GOPPO Digital who owns the PIDC website intends to close the website and all its archives. I like it. That’s poetic justice.



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