Friday, January 06, 2006


By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


The first problem of a post-Arroyo regime in the Philippines is where to incarcerate hundreds of politicians and public officials who stole the Filipino people’s money and properties, particularly those appropriated for the poor farmers and the needy, as well as thousands who received stolen government resources. Given a shortage of prison cells in the Philippines, the alternative which I would not support is a large and strong “hanging Acacia tree.”

Since the Philippines is a Christian nation that preaches love and forgiveness, it would be a good idea for those politicians and government officials involved in the crimes against the Filipino people to come out, confess of their sins, and ask for forgiveness to escape appropriate judgment. Yet they must return everything they stole from the people with interest. And they should know that their names are already included in a long list of infidels. They can still run but they cannot hide from the law.

If Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her husband believe that they are indeed innocent of having committed any crimes against the Filipino people, then they are entitled to due process of law considering mounting charges and accusations of such. The same process applies to their minions and legions of followers. If not, then they should not wait for the ax to fall. They would surely lose for nobody wins against truth and justice. The only option is to seek refuge in a foreign country willing to accept them.

The 2006 is said to be the Year of the Fire Dog that symbolizes JUSTICE, according to the Chinese calendar. It may be coincidental or perhaps predestined that TRUTH AND JUSTICE may prevail in the Philippines during this year to save its people from poverty and despair.


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