Friday, June 30, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Former Illinois Governor George Ryan was convicted yesterday of graft and corruption. He may face a 20-year jail term during sentencing. Some years ago, he became a darling of the anti-death penalty activists for commuting to life sentence all inmates in his state’s death row. Does this story suggest something common to a similarly corrupt Filipino leader like Gloria Arroyo who also issued a moratorium on the death penalty and commuted to life imprisonment all prisoners sentenced to die by lethal injection.


If you check the background of those American senators and congressmen who favor the erection of a Berlin Wall style around our Mexican and Canadian borders, deportation of all illegal aliens in the United States, and making it a crime to be an illegal alien or to lend a helping hand to a poor illegal alien, you’ll be surprised that these xenophobes are the ones who hire an illegal alien to baby-sit their kids, cook their meals, drive their cars, clean their lawn, and shine their shoes. CNN’s Lou Dobbs and his tribe who still think that America is a Caucasian nation should all be rounded up and relocated to Idaho to eat only potatoes.


Those who criticize Pres. Bush immigration reform bill that would offer temporary work permit to all illegal aliens as rewarding illegal behavior have forgotten American History. STICK TO YOUR MINDS THAT THE PILGRIMS ARRIVED AT PLYMOUTH ROCK WITHOUT A VISA. They also came to find a better life in America.


If there are reliable witnesses and evidences, Philippine military officials who were charged with election fraud and other wrongdoings should be prosecuted in a court of law. As soon as the case is filed, they should be relieved of their duties. The same principle applies to any high government official charged with graft and corruption and election fraud. Isn’t this democratic principle we call a “government of law, not of men?” Can this happen in the Philippines known as a showcase for democracy in Asia.? Tell me, what is preventing it to happen? And what is your solution?


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