Thursday, February 08, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Cesar Borja, Jr., the son of the late NYPD officer, Cesar Borja, Sr who died from exposure to the toxic effect of the Ground Zero dust as one of the first responders to the disaster, showed the good quality of a Filipino American during his meeting with President Bush to discuss the need for more federal funds to the victims. He believed that the 25 million dollars set in the budget is good enough as a start. In effect, he did not allow himself to be used by unreasonable critics of the President's budget such as New York Sen. Hillary Clinton who insists on a staggering amount of $1.9 billion, a good example a Democrat's fiscal irresponsibility.
It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Since most American voters would not be able to meet the presidential candidates in person to be able to look at their eyes and see the souls, technology gave us televisions to do it. So let's start with the ladies first. Sen. Hillary Clinton would be first choice for a subject. When she speaks before you, look at her eyes and you be the judge.
Back to Philippine politics, I said in one of my columns: It's easier to be like Judas Iscariot than to be like Christ. Among the members of the political opposition, can you name some who chose the way of the turncoat upon an offer of silver or gold? Tell that to the Filipino voters on election day in May.
Though I was not endorsed by the so-called Queens County Republican Party (almost defunct as I write this column) when I ran for Congress in 2004 to represent the 5th Congressional District of New York, I still continued to ran as a Republican under my own campaign machine. When I lost the Primary elections to choose the party nominee, I still continued to ran as an Independent Republican under my own party, Fair Immigration Party. My message in short is: I stick to the ideals of the Republican Party founded by Abraham Lincoln with or without the support of dirty machine politics.


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