Friday, July 11, 2008

By Jun Policarpio


A live television microphone caught Rev. Jesse Jackson while waiting for an interview badmouthing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to a fellow television guest heard round the world. I think the former presidential candidate and first Black to run for the White House behaves like typical Filipino losers towards another Filipino aspiring for higher public office. The usual cause for such frail human reaction is the insidious sin of envy direct from the bloodline of Cain.

The element of envy is both ungodly and satanic. It is the prime characteristic of Lucifer who became envious of God and tried to usurp His throne. He failed and turned from being the most beautiful angel in heaven to be the ugliest fallen angel named Satan.

Because of envy, a person steals, kills, and lies. Cain killed his younger brother Abel because he thought Abel was God’s favorite. King Saul tried to kill David because of David’s rising popularity due to his many victories in war. Joseph’s brethren sold him to the slave traders because they perceived him to be their father’s favorite.

The annals of crime will show envy to be the root cause of most murders and other sins. For an envious heart to be cleansed, a person really needs to be reborn spiritually.

Spiritual rebirth cannot be bought with material wealth. A person has to ask God for it to be born again. It is mysterious and cannot be explained mathematically or scientifically.

The first requirement to undergo the experience of being born again spiritually is faith. A person without the element of faith in God is a hopeless case unless a miracle happens like what happened to Saul of Tarsus, a persecutor of Christians. On the road to Damascus, according to a biblical account, Christ appeared to him and Saul became blind. Christ gave him specific instructions to regain his sight. So the former Saul, the Christian hater, became Paul, the greatest and last of Christ’s apostle, when he obeyed Christ’s instructions faithfully that made him see again.

Back to Rev. Jackson’s unfortunate comments against a fellow Black political leader, it may not constitute the element of envy yet. I really don’t know what caused it. But the former civil rights leader and Martin Luther King’s contemporary needs to cut the re-emerging old human nature that is sinful.



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