Thursday, December 17, 2009

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


When a powerful political family in Maguindanao savagely and mercilessly murdered some 30 journalists whose only tools for their trade are their pens, look what came out from the barrels of their fellow journalists’ pens – a more potent force that will not stop until their whole tribe is totally placed under penalty of law and justice. If the God in Heaven is the God of Justice, why should any believer be afraid to rebuke the evil in this world?

If the judge who was initially assigned to handle the criminal charges against the Ampatuan Family for the heinous crime of multiple murders accompanied with brutalities backed out because of fear of reprisal from the accused murderers, he has no more future in the halls of justice. The door to his retirement or resignation is wide enough to escape from terror. His retention as a judge may weaken the foundation of justice whose sword of truth should be fearless.

Let us always remember so many lessons from history since time immemorial that truth, justice, and righteousness are the stronger forces than any other evil things in this world. I will say this from the bottom of my heart: THE JUST WINS IN THE FINAL CONFLICT!

What happened to Hitler who tried to exterminate the Jews, to Pol Pot, the Cambodian communist leader in the mid70s who massacred millions of his fellow Cambodians, to Idi Amin who murdered almost half a million people belonging to other ethnic groupsin Uganda during the 70s, and most recently to Saddam Hussein and his crazy sons, who terrorized his fellow Iraqis with mass murders and tortures? I believe they were all condemned to eternal death and punishment.

I always say to myself these words: right is might. If you are correct, you are strong.

Let me paraphrase a biblical verse in closing: If God is with us, who can win against us?



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