Friday, January 08, 2010

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


After an unfortunate car accident, reporters found a young baby alive under the dead body of the mother. That is a good example of a mother’s love.

At a very heated incident of a man held hostage by a group of kidnappers, the man’s brother offered himself to take his place before negotiations with the police would start. So he took his brother’s place as the hostage. When negotiations failed and police decided to rush the kidnappers, the man’s brother got killed in the shooting. That is a good example of a brother’s love.

A woman’s husband was about to be shot by a crazed killer when she lurched forward and took the bullet intended for her husband. That is a good example of a spousal love.

The element of sacrifice forms the core substance of love, the strongest emotion that a normal person has. Without sacrifice, there is no love.

A house was burning but the father jumped out of the door leaving his wife and children to die in the fire. That is a good example of a father without love.

A husband learned about his wife’s fatal disease. Instead of caring for his sick wife, he vanished into thin air. That is a good example of a husband without love.

In the Old Testament, Cain noticed of his brother Abel’s getting favors from God. He killed him. That is a good example of a brother without love.

We all say that God is Love. I believe that is very true. So many stories have been told that God has given His people ways to love one another as He loves them but they failed to see and feel it. That is why we still have wars and rumors of wars, murders and rumors of murders.

Who is God’s Sacrifice to show His love to the world? Didn’t He allow His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to live with us and to die on the cross crucified to save us from destruction?

Let us remember that Jesus’ story did not end on death at the cross. For Christians like me, we believe He resurrected from the dead on the third day, Easter Day, to show to the world that those who believe on Him shall not truly die but will live forever with God in Heaven.

Though Death is a sacrifice for the sake of love, eternal life is the reward, for Love is Eternal.


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