Friday, March 05, 2010

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


I consider the next presidential elections in the Philippines as crucial to me personally as a natural born Filipino. It shall finally nudge me with full pressure to do something for that seemingly God-forsaken country in the Far East in case of an election failure.

If a supremely powerful force would transport me to the Philippines and install as the leader with zero connections to any living or dead person there, I should do the following to cure this nation’s combined socio-economic, political, religio-cultural, and ecological problems that have impoverished the people since the Spanish colonial times:

Seizure of all lands grabbed by the former Spanish Colonial Government and distributed to favored persons or entities in exchange of pro-Spanish activities as well as to favored military officials and five religious orders of Roman Catholic Church historically referred to as the FRIAR LANDS comprising thousands and thousands of hectares all over the Philippines. Note that the United States after taking over the Philippines from Spain was not able to properly and equitably solve the unlawful occupation of such lands that belonged to the real owners with titles.

Seizure of all lands and other properties from corrupt Filipino government officials and their cohorts since the founding of the Filipino nation under former President Emilio Aguinaldo. All those found to be guilty would be meted justice with mercy.

Seizure of stolen wealth taken from the sequestered MARCOS STOLEN WEALTH by officials and cronies of the government agency empowered to do it, the Presidential Commission on Good Government. This is a heinous crime and the culprits should be justifiably punished.

Support to successful Filipino entrepreneurs and investors who obtained their wealth legally under the Free Enterprise System by using their business intelligence using their insight, hindsight and foresight. Encourage them through tax subsidies to develop idle lands, explore and utilize the country’s natural resources, especially her mineral wealth and oil, gas, and other energy resources to build more job-creating industrial plants and factories.

Support to Filipino scientists and inventors as well as to academic theoreticians in order to advance the country’s science and technology program. This would change the country from a predominantly agricultural economy into one that may be described as highly industrialized.

Contingency programs to minimize the effects of natural calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and drought.

So much for these and just stay tuned for more.

As the leader, I would consider myself as a missionary sent by God to teach the Filipino people that GOD HELPS THOSE HELP THEMSELVES and to choose good over evil, justice over injustice, in our lives.

This is the end of my scenario. Remember, it’s only a scenario.


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