Tuesday, December 02, 2008

By Gonzalo "Jun" Policarpio


Looking at the frowning former Philippine Speaker of the House of Representatives Joe de Venecia during the methodical slaughter of the Gloria Arroyo Impeachment Complaint filed by his son, Joey, is a perfect case of a role reversal. When de Venecia was Speaker, he was credited to have led the killing of previous impeachment complaints against the same respondent by the notoriously well-financed legislative hacks, presumably including himself. He should be familiar with the character of his colleagues in the majority that no amount of appeal to conscience can work. Anyway the hearing was worth the publicity to wake up the "no hear, no tell, no talk" Filipino people. But as history will tell us, money or gold, the god of this world, still reigns supreme.

With the impending financial collapse of major businesses and banking institutions worldwide caused by greed and corruption , he or she who has the money controls the world regardless whether the money belongs to the people. If the government which is the agency entrusted by the people to use their money for the benefit of the many such as in a representative system of government, steal or misappropriate public funds to benefit the public officers for their selfish interest, then the time for change is the solution. What must be changed are the violators the public trust, and not the constitution. That is usually done through honest and clean elections in order to avoid a resort to a violent revolution. It's just that simple and it's applicable to the Philippine situation in the wake of the recent American presidential elections.
Democracy is still the best form of government where there exists a mechanism of check and balance among the three branches of power: executive, legislative, and judicial. The reason for such provision is to prevent dictatorship of anyone or combination of two of the three power centers. If such mechanism fails, greed and corruption follows. And the people's sovereignty is in danger. When the people asserts its sovereignty, a bloody revolution is inevitable at the expense of precious human lives. Nobody wants this kind of situation but the "desperados."
The only solution I see that has worked in several political settings worldwide is the role of clean and honest elections to preserve democracy in the Philippines. That time is scheduled to happen in 2010 in the Philippines. So any attempt to disrupt the schedule is treasonous in substance. Let's now watch out for the traitors.
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