Friday, December 12, 2008

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


True champions of this world give glory to God in Heaven for their victories. Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxing champion, who technically knocked out Oscar de la Hoya from East Los Angeles, one of the greatest boxers of all time, now belong to that special class of champions. He told the media after the fight that he owes his victory to God his Creator.

Arrogance is never the hallmark of a Christian. Humility is the sign of Christianity - Christ crucified at the cross after being extremely humiliated by His enemies. Victory is the reward of humility - Christ Resurrection that defeated the power of Death. Truly it is hard to be a Christian but the gift of being such is fulfilling.

Majority of Filipinos are Christians, yet they are suffering from poverty, sickness, and humiliation. Despite their extreme hardships, they can still smile and even offer help of any kind to anybody in distress. What an exemplary national trait of a people that seem to be doomed. Do you know of another class of people who underwent a series of struggles to survive as a nation saved from becoming obliterated from the face of the earth at the hands of a mad dictator?

There are reasons to wonder at the mysterious way God loves His people. The philosophical mind definitely will question God’s master plan. But who are these hapless mortals to spew doubt about God’s love to His creation? They will surely die without any hope of any kind such as the hope of eternal life for God’s believers.

The incoming Obama Administration that campaigned primarily on offering material goods to the American people and freedom to kill an unborn baby, recognize homosexuality and lesbianism as legitimate lifestyle, and to totally ban God in public schools is worth watching. Is it another example of God’s permissive Will demonstrated in the Old Testament when He let Satan do harm to Job, a faithful servant of God? However, it may be a big challenge to so-called conservative Christians and Jews to raise their moral standards like doing what they preach so to speak .

Remember what my former Muslim classmate at the University of the Philippines once told me: Show me a good Christian and I’ll be one.



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