Thursday, February 28, 2008

By Gonzalo "Jun" Policarpio


Below is my reply to a Letter to the Editor article in the TIMESLEDGER, Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper chain circulated in Queens written by FRANK SKALA, a Bayside resident, commenting on my article titled "ACKERMAN IS ANTI-CHRISTIAN."

Mr. Frank Skala in his Feb. 8th letter titled "Ackerman is not Anti-Christian" claims to be a Republican and a licensed Eucharistic minister in the Episcopal Church. He tries to defend Congressman Gary Ackerman who is a Democrat and and a non-Christian for voting against a Congressional Resolution about the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith. He contradicts himself!

In fact, Mr. Skala's comment on my article "Ackerman is Anti-Christian" is full of contradictions and inconsistencies:

He said he is a minister in the Episcopal Church supposed to be Christian. But he calls the Congressional Resolution about the importance of Christmas "bizarre" and an insult to the separation of church and state. He therefore exempts two Ackerman-supported congressional resolutions recognizing the importance of Ramadan, a Muslim holiday, and Diwali, a Hindu, Sikh and Jain holiday from his self-serving condemnation.

He said he is a Republican. Does he know that no Republican congressmen voted against the Resolution for Christmas and the Christian faith?

He bragged about his 40-year knowledge of Gary Ackerman... Does he know that when Education Secretary Rod Paige in 2003 remarked that the values being taught in Christian schools are far superior to those in public schools, Ackerman demanded to President Bush the immediate resignation of Paige? A true Christian would never support such attitude that provoked William Donohue, the Catholic League president, to call Ackerman "an Anti-Christian Bigot."

He said that I am a zealot that which I accept if he means being a fanatic in defense of Christmas and the Christian faith against modern-day persecutors of Christians like him and his congressman-friend Ackerman.

He said that he will not vote for me if I ran against Congressman Ackerman this year for charging Ackerman "anti-Christian."

Well, if he votes for Gary Ackerman, he supports a candidate who is against Christmas and the Christian Faith and the congressional resolution that "rejects bigotry and persecution directed against Christians in the United States and worldwide."

Mr. Skala therefore betrays himself in his letter to be an anti-Bush fanatic, anti-Iraq war rabble rouser, and a hard-core leftist hiding in the closet.

In his whole-hearted support for Rep. Gary Ackerman, he also reveals himself to favor Ackerman's revised definition of traditional marriage as between men and between women, Ackerman's reported defilement of the American flag in Congress when he raised it sewn as an underwear in protest of a proposed constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning, Ackerman's endorsement of the Move-On.Org's New York Times' advertisement labeling American General Petraeus a traitor, Ackerman's treatment of the unborn child in the mother's womb as a mere piece of meat that can be destroyed anytime, and Ackerman's anti-Christian bigotry.

Because of Ackerman's rejection of the Resolution giving importance to Christmas and the Christian Faith, the FILANGIERI SOCIETY FOR JUSTICE AND GOOD GOVERNMENT, a New York-based organization that advocates passage of good laws, published an article condemning Ackerman's anti-Christian bias and mailed out letters to Ackerman's constituents in the 5th Congressional District of New York to vote him out of office next November elections.

It is said that wisdom, not stupidity, comes with age. I may say that Frank Skala must have retrogressed sadly to his reckless teenage years.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


The 2008 presidential election is slowly taking shape to feature a contest between Republican Sen. John McCain, a true American hero and patriot who laid down his life in defense of his beloved country, the United States of America, and Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, self-proclaimed leftwing radical whose main campaign slogan is “CHANGE” presumably everything that is American. Such an aggressive “agent of change” in American politics aims to exploit anything that can help him destroy American conservative values and institutions such the traditional definition of marriage between a man and a woman, the sanctity of the human life, basic American values contained in the Constitution to bear arms for self-defense and the duty to defend our country against the enemies.

Obama declared in most of his campaign speeches that the first thing that he would do if elected is to order the return of our fighting troops in Iraq as soon as possible. Who is he protecting, our troops or the Islamic terrorists and insurgents? Does he realize that such a reckless decision would spell American retreat and surrender to the enemies?

On America’s war on terror, it is best for American voters to know where Sen. Obama really stand. For a wrong choice in this year’s presidential election could spell the fall of the United States as the only superpower in the world.

According to Ed Lasky of AMERICAN THINKER, there is a leftwing radical anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian foreign policy advisor working for Obama. He is Robert Malley whose father Simon Malley was expelled by then French President Valerie d’Estaing for advocating “liberation” struggles against Western nations. Both father and son have a record of sympathizing with radical liberation groups such as the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Sen. Obama for the record skipped the vote on the Senate Resolution naming Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. Why? Yet he said he is ready and too willing to launch a pre-emptive strike against Pakistan, an American ally.

About his economic and social agenda, the Democratic candidate espouses Marxist-Leninist policies such as taking money from the rich and distributing to the poor as implied in his advocacy for socialized medicine and class struggles. He now capitalizes on the sluggish American economy to stir up fear among the American workers to sing along with his leftwing radical song of “Change, Yes We Can.”

Here is a food for thought if Obama is the Democratic nominee next November: A vote for Obama is a vote for an Anti-Israel and Anti-West advocate.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


The enigmatic fascination of so-called conservative political pundits and television talk show commentators such as Bill Kristol, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a conservative wannabe, boggles my imagination. So if it’s a boggling thought, I cannot yet tell you what’s behind it. I may just assume that there may exists some strings attached between the candidate and the paid journalistic hacks.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, a true American hero and patriot, is now on the fast lane to become the party nominee for the November elections. Though former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is an excellent candidate, particularly his impressive primary victories in the deep South, he surely could give the most needed boost to McCain’s chances to win the presidency as a running mate. Both candidates carry the American people’s mandate to stop the return of the dangerously corrupt and scandalous Clinton administration.

It is not fair to label Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as an African-American or Black candidate. If Tiger Woods whose mother is from Thailand and whose father is of a mixed race refused to be categorized as Black, the same is true to Obama whose mother is Caucasian from Kansas and whose father is from Kenya in Africa. Both are just plain Americans.

On the other hand, Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon is said to have remarked that she has no problem electing a woman as president of the United States. However, when asked about Hillary’s candidacy, she claimed she is not sure of “this woman.” So what is Sarandon’s definition of a woman?



Money belonging to the Filipino people are reported to have been plundered by elected and appointed government officials under the Arroyo Administration. Potential witnesses to the crime are said to have been prevented by the Philippine government to talk to the media or to Congressional investigating committees. Most notorious of all is the case of Jocelyn “Joc Joc” Bolante” who sought asylum in the United States to escape the Senate investigation of the plunder of about 3 billion pesos of public funds. His deportation to the Philippines will happen at anytime soon upon the denial of his asylum application.

The latest news of another government witness who is now in the custody of the Philippine Senate after the Supreme Court orders his release from the “kidnappers” is quite intriguing. His name is Rodolfo Noel Lozada, Jr. who works as a consultant to Romulo Neri, Philippine President Arroyo’s economic expert. He can testify about the involvement of Arroyo’s husband and some of her cabinet officials in trying to obtain a $130 million kickback from a business deal with the Chinese government known as the $329 million National Broadband Network (NBN) contract. This deal was quickly scrapped because of a previous expose at the Senate by the son of the recently deposed Speaker of the House, Jose de Venecia, Jr.

This story is still developing.