Saturday, June 30, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


If Gloria Arroyo had her way, there would have been no May 14th elections in the Philippines. . She tried the “cha-cha” movement to quickly adopt a parliamentary form of government and presumably use it to declare herself president for life. Owing to charges of multiple”election sabotage” and numerous violations of law plus a mountain of corrupt practices, she needs to maintain supreme executive power forever in order to avoid the supreme penalty of justice. But the Filipino people asserted its sovereignty through the election process that had the effect of a referendum against Arroyo's national leadership.

There is no other alternative for the Arroyo administration but to pack up and leave. The Filipino people has spoken through the ballot, thank God, and not through the bullet. No amount of calls for reconciliation or promises of amnesty to her “enemies” can wipe out the Filipino blood in her hands and the “blood money” in her pockets. The whole world knows who or what is behind the “extra-judicial killings of militant journalists and human rights leaders in the Philippines making it the “most dangerous country” second to Iraq. The whole world knows that the Philippines is now becoming a kleptocracy making it the most corrupt country in Asia.

A corrupt and dangerous country like the Philippines is a favorite breeding ground and habitat for terrorists of all sorts, particularly Islamic terrorists that burned to ground zero New York's World Trade Center. There is a reason for the United States to offer help in fighting the Philippine-grown terrorist group called the Abu Sayyaf Group. Instead of being decimated, these Filipino terrorists are getting stronger and deadlier. Now, how would a corrupt Philippine military leadership be able to succeed in such a struggle? And how would a corrupt Arroyo administration stop the ongoing extra-judicial killings of civilians critical of her leadership?

I say to the newly elected Senators to be true to their campaign promises to the Filipino people who voted for them: remove an illegitimate president and weed out corruption in government. Don't they ever think for once to “shake hands with the devil” for the devil will kill you..


Thursday, June 21, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg left the Republican Party and went Independent. Why? Is the rumor flying around that he intends to run for President next year is indeed a reality?

The billionaire mayor was able to buy City Hall twice especially in New York City where money talks. If he is thinking of investing his half a billion dollars for a White House run next year, he would go down in the history of American business as a prototype of an American moneyman gone berserk. For he would surely fail.

The history of the American people is an ongoing struggle to carry on and protect the ideals of the American nation especially its Christian foundation. It's not so much the obsessive desire to make more money that makes every American tick.

We still need a leader who can celebrate with us the birth of Jesus Christ with passion every Christmas Day, sing Christmas Carols, and display the Nativity scene in our backyards.

We still need a leader who will fight to bring prayer in our schools, preserve the sanctity of marriage as between a man and woman, and protect the life of the unborn child.

We still need a leader whose spiritual faith represents the Faith of the American Nation as a whole.

Surely, Michael Bloomberg, despite his billions of dollars, cannot buy the American nation and cannot provide the American people with treasures that “moth and rot cannot corrupt.”


Thursday, June 14, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


Antonio Trillanes IV, the leader of a military faction called Magdalo that staged a military protest demonstration so-called Oakwood Mutiny against government corruption, most particularly corruption in the Philippine Armed Forces, won millions of votes in the last midterm elections with no campaign organization, no millions in campaign funds, and no means to shake hands with the voters while in detention. He said that he ran for a senate seat in order to push through his goal to go after the corrupt leaders in the government. So it seems that the Philippine Commission on Elections, a constitutional body created to proclaim winners in an election, refused to do its mandated duty, under pressure from the incumbent Arroyo administration.

The Filipino people, most especially the rank and file members of the Armed Forces, voted for Trillanes clearly to express their dissatisfaction towards the Arroyo administration whose favorite senatorial candidates lost. The defeat of Arroyo's candidates no doubt is a referendum on the illegitimacy of her presidency or an expression of the people's rejection of her leadership.

Before the May 14th elections, Arroyo and her cronies in Congress tried to amend the Philippine Constitution and drastically change the form of government from presidential to parliamentary. The obvious reason was to avoid holding the scheduled midterm elections, a democratic institution, through which the people express their will and elect the national leaders. Surely if it was a snap presidential election between Gloria Arroyo and another opposition candidate, she would definitely lose.

The May 14th election results are indeed conclusive: the Filipino people are not happy with the Arroyo administration because of how it usurped political power and how it fooled the people most of the time. If denied of this democratic practice, the people could have asserted sovereign power and evicted the illegitimate tenant of Malacanang by force.

Confronted with the truth of the people's loss of confidence, a sane leader would not insist on holding on to stolen presidential power. Gloria Arroyo's call on her cabinet members to resign presumably because of her election defeat may really be a subconscious call to herself to resign. Before the “gods” proceed to make her mad, she may as well accept the reality of the situation and step down as soon as possible.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


In the manner of speaking and perhaps as well as in the way of thinking, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a finer version of controversial lesbian-comedian Rosie O'donnell. But former president Bill Clinton who is said to be tolerant of his wife's antics is no way like Donald Trump who can trade grotesque words and gestures with the female buffoon.
America would be in real trouble again if ever Hillary and Bill get back to the White House.

Just a few months after taking power in 1993, the Clintons were reported to be involved in the first suicide or probably murder of a White House aide. The death of Vincent Foster, former law partner of Hillary and a close friend of Bill in Arkansas who was appointed White House deputy counsel has remained an unsolved mystery. Following such an eerie episode, two personal Clinton friends appointed to sensitive positions resigned in disgrace: Webster Hubbell who was appointed as deputy Attorney General left his job due to involvement in the Whitewater real estate and banking scandal where Hillary and Bill were the prime target of federal investigation. Bernard Nussbaum who was appointed White House counsel decided to quit after getting burned in the Filegate Scandal where he tried to defend Clinton's decision to examine FBI files of thousands of White House employees of past Republican administrations. Nussbaum was also involved in the Vincent Foster affair when he admitted conducting a search of the Foster's office and finding a suicide note in the dead person's brief case after denying investigators' access to the office immediately after the discovery of Foster's body in the park.

If Bill Clinton was able to conduct foreign policy while playing with a female intern at the Oval Office, how would Hillary match such scary behavior? Well, she did recommend a former nightclub bouncer to be White House Chief of Personnel Security who was later found to have no security clearance. She also did order the mass firing of White House permanent employees without cause to satisfy the wish of a campaign donor named Harry Thomason as widely reported. It is wise for American voters to go back and analyze past events characterizing the two Clinton presidencies before even thinking of having a third one.

Consider that former president Clinton was convicted of perjury and punished with a five-year suspension of his lawyer's license. The record of his two administrations was marked with scandalous appointments and corruption. The record of his personal life was also marked with scandalous liaisons with a variety of women who charged him with sexual misconduct and rape.

In the Philippines, the people were able to forget the crimes committed by the Marcos Family particularly the killings of human rights activists and the plundering of public funds because of the magical powers of the Marcos wealth. About 90 per cent of the Filipino people are impoverished and they foolishly look up to the extremely wealthy like the Marcoses as their lords and masters.

I hope the American people are intelligent enough not to be tolerant of a regime that desecrated the Office of the President and even think of getting the same one again despite the so-called Clinton unholy charisma. For the same thing will happen if Hillary wins the presidency: if you get Bonnie, you get Clyde, too.