Wednesday, August 29, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


It has been observed that more and more Filipinos believe in the supernatural, particularly in ghosts stories or souls of the departed who refused to proceed to the world beyond if they died mysteriously or untimely. Americans and almost all other nationalities even tell more of their experiences with the supernatural.

In case of a departed whose death came as a result of evil circumstances such as being victimized by a cheat or a swindler, the culprit generally confessed or caused themselves to be exposed because of a sickening sense of guilt unless they are of the devil.
In the Philippines, recent press reports tell of the renewal of the “GARCI TAPES” congressional inquiry that heard charges of election cheating during the 2004 presidential elections against Gloria Arroyo who currently serves as Philippine president and Virgilio Garcillano, then an election commissioner as revealed in a series of tapes reportedly collected by the Philippine military. This investigation is most feared by the Arroyo administration for it's like the Sword of Damocles about to fall on in due time. But Gloria's cronies failed to intimidate the opposition Senators, particularly Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, who recently delivered a privileged speech in the Senate where he presented a videotaped of former Sgt. Vidal Doble, former member of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, who admitted the taping of the “Hello Garci” conversations.

Gloria Arroyo has proven to be a really tough cookie and refused to resign despite insurmountable evidence of election fraud and use of government funds for her election campaign. She succeeded in avoiding any impeachment hearings to happen where she would be confronted with the evidence. Perhaps she can hold on to power indefinitely until the ghost of Fernando Poe, Jr, the presumed winner in the 2004 presidential elections, would appear to her one dreary night and tell her: Please return to the Filipino people the thing that you have stolen from me. Only then, I think, would she leave Malacanang Palace or else be hounded by the ghost of the person she cheated.

Well, here in our country, the ghost of Vincent Foster, former Clinton friend and White House crony whose dead body was mysteriously found in a Virginia Park not too far from Hillary's apartment in 1993, may already be acting restlessly and may be appearing to some people concerned saying: I did not commit suicide. Somebody murdered me! Please get the culprit before he or she could be more powerful and dangerous.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


If ever a Hillary presidency could happen in America,it would be according to God's Permissive Will like whenever He allows disasters to happen to His people.As a gospel song says “I don't know the reason why, I just need to hold His Hand,” perhaps God's purpose isto punish the American people for being too obsessed with things unholy.

Here's what a Clinton 3 presidential cabinet would sarcastically constitute:
Rosie O'Donnell - Secretary of Defense

Joan Rivers, the comedian who described Filipinos asdog-eaters - Secretary of State Michael Moore – Secretary of Interior

Alec Baldwin, the actor who said he'll go onself-exile if Bush becomes president – Secretary of Education

Howard Stern, the comedian who said Filipino fatherssell their children for money – Secretary of Health and Human Services

Craig Livingstone, a Washington, DC nightclub bouncerand former White House chief of personnel securityunder Bill Clinton – Director of National Intelligence

Al Sharpton – Secretary of the Treasury

Bernard Nussbaum, the former Clinton aide who nervously rushed to the office of former Clinton friend and legal counsel, Vincent Foster, whose dead body was found in Washington,D.C.park, before Federal Agents and the Park Police arrived - Attorney General of the United States of America

Bill Clinton – Special Envoy to Iraq, Iran, andLebanon.( Remember Jay Leno's joke: Adulterous men are stoned to death in those countries.)

It's Hillary Clinton's negative personality that will propel another Republican administration in 2008 unless Al Gore toss his hat into the game. Once upon atime in Las Vegas, First Lady Laura Bush and Sen.Clinton were both invited into an event. They werebooked at the same luxury hotel. According to areport, Mrs. Bush arrived first at the hotel and was offered the best suite. Mrs Bush refused the luxury and opted for a regular suite. When Hillary arrived,her handlers took the best suite without even waitingfor the offer. Aggressive or obnoxious personality?

If the American people however decides to have aClinton presidency No. 3 in 2008 despite its unholypast, so be it. They want it and they can enjoy it.Once again, the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics would say to themselves upon their inauguration in 2009: Wow, we're able to fool the American people for the third time!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

By Gonzalo "Jun" Policarpio


Mark Fabro wrote:Let me introduce myself, I am a 27 single youngprofessional working for HSBC global center andearning 22,000 per month plus allowances. I do repectyour opinion, but obviously you are not in thePhilippines and you have no idea of the economic andpolitical situation here at present. I am glad that president Arroyo have cheated on thepresidential elections, because if not, FPJ wouldvemade this country sink lower and lower.

Let me justgive you some examples of what happened in my lifewhen GMA is the president 1. My job HSBC and hundreds of call centers boomedduring her presidency. HSBC even told us they heldback when it was Erap who was running the country aspresident due to political instability and kidnappingswere rampant. 2. The peso is at its all time high for the last sevenyears for 46 pesos - 1$ and still getting stronger. 3. GMA gave funds to fix the roads and providedlights in our streets in Laguna 4. Renovation of South Expressway which i use everydayto travel to work. 5. She is working to fight against graft andcorruption (as an example see

Theres a lot more to say but I can honestly tell youlife for me has been better during her presidency,Everything seems to be in order and Filipinos now knowhow to vote. If she resigns, who would replace her?ITs the very reason why there was no Edsa 3, becauseFilipinos are tired. We want to see change and notjust another useless president. Think about it, if sheresigns, Noli de Castro would replace her, what wouldhappen to our economy then?

My rejoinder:Thanks for your response. I also respect youropinion.However, let me make some comments on your opinion.

You said: "I am glad that president Arroyo havecheated on the presidential elections, because if not,FPJ wouldve made this country sink lower and lower."

I say: You categorically condone cheating andbetraying the will of the Filipino electorate. Sin orcrime is never good despite the benefits you enjoyedyourself from its commission. You live in a democracyand the welfare of the poor masses takes priority.Regarding FPJ, you prejudged him as incompetent.Remember Magsaysay who was ridiculed by his critics asignoramus. He proved to be a great Filipino president.

You said: "Theres a lot more to say but I can honestlytell you life for me has been better during herpresidency."

I say: I can't argue against your feeling that lifefor you is better under Arroyo. How about the life ofthe poor masses, millions of street children livingfor awhile and then dying of hunger, thousands ofhomeless families living on garbage and then dyingslowly of diseases, and more millions of Filipinos,mostly college graduates trying their luck in war-tornMiddle Eastern countries to work as domestic servantsa little bit higher than slaves?

You said: If she resigns, who would replace her?

I say: If she resigns, Noli de Castro needs to resign too. They were in it together during the 2004 presidential elections. Then, the next in line succeeds to the presidency until the next presidential elections unless the Filipino people calls for an election as soon as possible. In this scenario, the problem of Arroyo's illegimate rule is solved and the democratic process continues.

Our God in Heaven is a God of law and order and man's law is subservient to God's law.

Friday, August 10, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


On top of proving to the Filipino people and the wholeworld that she did not cheat in the 2004presidential elections, Gloria Arroyo is now obligedby the Free World represented by international human rights groups, United Nations Human Rights Council,various church organizations, and law experts to bring to justice all those involved in extra-judicial killings of persons accused of anti-Arroyo activities.It would seem to be an impossibility for her to comply with such an order if she is indeed a part of the criminal activities together with her military minions.

Recently American legislators are thinking of employing sanctions against the Arroyo administration since nothing has happened despite mounting calls andappeals to stop and prosecute the killers of Filipino militants and dissidents. The planned sanction is inthe form of a cut in military aid to the Philippines.And if this materializes, Gloria Arroyo's militarysecurity and other paid military hacks would be adversely affected. She then would be an easy target for her enemies.

Liquidating anybody who undermines one's hold to0 power has been the favorite policy of illegitimate leaders. Marcos was a good prototype of such acharacter. And he met an extremely humiliating ending:a corrupt body dying in the most corruptive manner.

Corrupting the nation's military leadershiptodoone's bidding has been another strategy employed by infamous world's despots. Even former Americanpresident Richard Nixon in his book, LEADERS,prescribed it for a leader who would like to hold topower by all means. He resisted the temptation, I believe, and opted to resign gracefully.

It is getting to be very clear that Gloria Arroyo'shold to political power in the Philippines teeters onthe strength of her paid military hacks. Scuttle it,as in a game of chess, and the illegitimate leader is taken out as checkmated. When the United States Congress finally decides to cut military aid to the Philippines, Gloria Arroyo's military minions will have not enough bullets for their guns, shoes and helmets for the soldiers, nomore helicopters, no more modern weapons of war, and no more motivation and morale to fight. Do we have to wait for this dispensation to happen at the cost of Filipino lives.?

I call on Gloria Arroyo to consider all options, most especially resignation, in order to restore justice and democracy in the Philippines if she does not want to tarnish the name of her father, Macapagal, to mean cheating, lying, and stealing.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


My article on New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's rumored plan to run for the 2008 presidential election and his switch of political parties from Republican to Independent got hit with two counter-attacks from undoubtedly hard-core Bloomberg fanatics. Since my opponents were also shooting from the barrels of their pens, I have to defend myself with a sharper attack.

One writer named Paula Berger from Little Neck said: “One's religious beliefs should have nothing to do with one's ability or calling to lead a nation.” Here's my response: Would you allow Osama Bin Laden or any of his Islamic terrorist fanatics to lead the American nation?

The same writer said: “I, as a Jew, do not celebrate the birth of Christ and find it ludicrous for someone to suggest that makes me any less of an American.” Here's my response: As a Jew, you don't have to celebrate the birth of Christ. If you are the President of the United States, you have to celebrate it because Christmas is an official federal holiday.

The same writer said: “We currently have a 'Christian Presidency.' Never before has our country been less safe.” Here's my response: Don't you know that the very reason why Islamic Jihadists of Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups hate the United States so much that they want to destroy it is our country's strong support for Israel? How much more unsafe if America is under a Jewish presidency?

For the same writer's education on the real meaning of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state: No law shall be passed to establish a religion and to abridge the free exercise of any religion. It does not mean to ban prayer in government schools or before Congress begins its sessions. The framers of the American Constitution were victims of religious persecution in their homelands and they want religious liberty to be a constitutional principle.

Now, the other writer named Victoria Brown from Whitestone said: “Mr. Policarpio:There are people of the Jewish faith, the Muslim faith and many other faiths all over America who would strongly object to a president who would sing Christmas carols and display the Nativity scene.” Here's my response to this childish remark: Of course, they are free to object because they are not Christians.

I must conclude that the reactions of the two anti-Christian readers reflect a slow creeping movement around the communities of America to de-Christianize our nation: abolish Christmas as a federal holiday, ban display or mention of anything Christian in our government buildings such as our schools, hospitals, public places, the White House, the Capitol, and other government buildings.

Fellow Christians, it's time to wear the Armour of God and protect America from the enemies of Christ.