Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My dear friends, classmates, and relatives:

What is so gracious in your exceptional support to my candidacy for Congress '08 is your cheerful gift despite all the odds against winning as a third party candidate in a two-party system in American politics. You are my true friends, not my fairweathered friends. I can still remember my son cautioning me to run as such whether I'm willing to be like Ralph Nader. Yet I did it twice. Why?

I must be crazy. I can't blame my wife for threatening to divorce me when she learned from somebody else that I had announced my candidacy for Congress '08. Yet she did not. I'm lucky still. But still crazy. Why?

Because when I failed to get the Republican Party endorsement, I decided again against all odds to continue fighting under the Conservative endorsement. Tell me now. Am I crazy or I just want to prove to my "political enemies" that the Filipino is no longer timid, subservient, weak. To show to those fools that the days of the Filipino coolies are over.

I would rather lose in any competition than to be branded as a coward, a weakling, and easy to be bullied.

Yet there's indeed pain in losing. But it's better to lose than to get lost. That's what my enemies tried to do to me twice. And they failed. Yes I lost twice but did not get lost.

Through my campaign, I always say that if God wants me to win, I'll win nevertheless. It's between God and myself talking. Now I know He does not, perhaps not according to His timing or else, it's really not my calling to be a politician. I therefore submit to His Will.

Before I dump my boxing gloves permanently, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for expressing your help and support in your own particular ways. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. AMEN.

Your brother in Christ,

Jun Policarpio