Wednesday, August 23, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio

On one early Saturday morning a few days ago about 2 AM in the Little Neck-Douglaston neighborhood where I live, two white monsters in human clothes mauled 2 Chinese youths because of the color of their skin. The ugly screaming albinos yelled ethnic slurs at their innocent victims and telling them to “get out of our neighborhood, gooks.”

I can feel the pain of being racially attacked because I was also a victim in a political fight during the 2004 congressional elections at the hands of the racists and racial profilers infesting the Queens County Republican Party that refused to endorse my candidacy. Unlike most Asians who choose not to fight when attacked as taught by their parents reared in the Buddhist and Confucian philosophy, I originally came from the Philippines, particularly from the two provinces of Nueva Ecija and Cavite, and grew up in the “wild wild west of Tondo,” where law used to emanate from the barrel of the gun and the blade of a knife. But now I fight my enemies FROM THE BARREL OF MY PEN.

Those two losers one of whom is even an outsider do not have an iota of a claim of ownership to the neighborhood. If they can only understand that their parents and grandparents originated from the God-forsaken countries in Europe where the people lived in squalor. If not, they must be the lost offspring of Hitler.

Anyway, I can still say that despite this unfortunate racial incident which is becoming a pattern in my neighborhood following an attack of stone-throwing at a Korean Presbyterian Church in Little Neck, the local Police did a magnificent job in quickly arresting the perpetrators and properly charging them for criminal acts as a hate crime subject to severe penalties. Yet I give the credit to Mayor Mike Bloomberg responsible for law and order to be enforced in the greatest city in the world.

Isn’t it a fact that the Mayor’s ancestors were once victims of the most brutal racist in history, Adolf Hitler?


Friday, August 18, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


In a post-Arroyo regime, the sneering pro-Arroyo congressmen numbering 56 who killed the second impeachment complaint against the fake president should all be prosecuted for the crime of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. I heard from somebody who watched the proceedings on television that the way those cheap “lawbreakers” stood up when they voted down the complaint was a good sign of how they would be lined up to stand before a firing squad. Well, that’s too cool for them. They just have to be properly prosecuted and punished in accordance with the Constitution.

President Bush’s August 10th statement on high-level foreign corruption by senior government officials titled National Strategy to Internationalize Efforts Against Kleptocracy targets those corrupt foreign leaders and their cronies who stole the people’s money and stashed them abroad. He is just saying plainly that such shady characters are not welcome in the United States. He asked his fellow leaders at the G-8 meeting in St. Petersburg to work together in denying the “kleptocrats access to our financial systems and safe heaven in our countries.”

If some journalists and political analysts in the Philippines still enjoy to speculate on why Joc Joc Bolante’s visa was revoked by the US Embassy in Manila and why he was arrested when he tried to enter the United States at the LA port of entry, then it is time to make this announcement: Sometime in January, 2004, President Bush issued an Executive Order mandating U.S. embassies and consulates to deny visas to public officials involved in corruption. Subsequently sometime in August, 2004, the Department of Homeland Security charged its law enforcement branch, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), with the responsibility of establishing the first Foreign Corruption Task Force in Miami, Florida to hit the “proceeds of public corruption emanating from foreign nations that are being laundered in the United States.”

The Foreign Corruption Task Force has already conducted 12 foreign corruption financial investigations involving eight countries. The Task Force’s first major case was the U.S. government’s seizure of a corrupt Nicaraguan official’s $3.5 million Key Biscayne condo and more than $ 150, 000 by a federal court order in December of 2004.
ICE Agents have already identified individuals illegally residing in the United States under false names who were responsible for the embezzlement of millions and millions of dollars of public funds from foreign countries. These foreign criminals will undergo thorough investigation, prosecution, and appropriate punishment. Any assets seized or forfeited will be returned to the host government.

I hope this will serve as a cue to anybody in the Philippines to forward any evidence to the US Embassy that will link top government officials to massive embezzlement of public funds so that their US visas will be revoked. Informants will be granted “S” visa , special immigrant visa, to enable them to testify in case such corrupt officials will be prosecuted in the United States.

For all those “Joc Joc” Bolante watchers anywhere in the world, I can say that this fugitive embezzler of the Filipino people’s money is destined to jail, either in the United States or in the Philippines. When he goes down the “bottomless pit,” so goes all those linked to his criminal activities.


Friday, August 11, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


` I can help but ignore the similar remarks by Gloria Arroyo’s two cabinet members, Mr. Michael Defensor, her chief of staff, and Mr. Raul Gonzales, her justice secretary, on the arrest of military officers for rebellion when they announced their withdrawal of support from the de facto president of the Philippines in February this year. When asked by a talk show host why they would not consider the withdrawal of support by Mr. Angelo Reyes, former Army chief of staff under the Estrada administration, and other Estrada top officials as an act of rebellion, both Arroyo “yes men” said that they “won” in grabbing power and therefore the act was not rebellion, after the fact.

Such statements of these two Arroyo guys, one old and one young, echo the ideology of the Jacobins, the Machiavellians, the Marxist-Leninists and Maoists, the fascists, and the Takfiris, the mother of the Al Qaeda terrorists. The doctrine may be simply stated as DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE THE OUTCOME (POWER) REGARDLESS OF MORALITY OR LEGALITY. This is the game they are now playing and to hell with democracy.

With the upset victory of an unknown candidate for Senator over a very well-known and former vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut primary elections a few days ago, it signifies that democratic voters are overwhelmingly against the Iraq war. There’s no way any pro-Bush Republican candidate can win in any heavily democratic election district nationwide. The only issue that can somehow neutralize the imminent democratic victory at the polls this year is President Bush comprehensive immigration reform bill based on the Senate version granting temporary work permit to millions of illegal aliens. Fellow Republicans in Congress, don’t waste time, shed off your stupid racial biases, and pass the reform bill before November.

Money laundering is a very serious crime in the United States especially if committed by illegal aliens. The Immigration and Nationality Act, as Revised ( INA) classifies it as an “aggravated felony” in the same category as illegal drug trafficking and murder. If Jocjoc Bolante, the captured fugitive from the Philippines, would be convicted of an “aggravated felony, “ then he could be subject to an expedited removal regardless of his asylum application. There you get it, good lawyers from the Philippines. American justice needs evidences and if you got some, take them to the courts and off with Bolante’s head.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


When the Americans liberated the Philippines from the Japanese invaders in 1945, there were still some Filipinos who felt ungrateful and even blamed the United States for the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. That idea was without merit because the goal of Japan then was to conquer the whole of Asia under its hegemony called Japanese co-prosperity sphere.

Now, in today’s world, it is confirmed that the U.S. Embassy cancelled the visitor’s visa of Jocelyn “Joc Joc” Bolante, a fugitive from the Philippines charged with a serious crime of plunder subsequent to the Philippine Senate’s request for help in locating Bolante’s whereabouts in the United States. On July 7th, US immigration authorities arrested and detained Bolante when he tried enter the Los Angeles port of entry. Then, they notified the Philippine government represented by the Philippine Consulate in LA. to pick up their Wanted Person. But the Philippine government advised Bolante to apply for asylum instead. Still there are Filipinos who are not happy about it and would like to paint it as a conspiracy between the United States and the Arroyo administration. That attitude seems to signify an onset of paranoia. I hope not.

Dr. Minguita Padilla who is a noted Filipino ophthalmologist and the President of SINAG, a people’s crusade for good governance, expressed in a recent email to me her utter disgust toward certain elements in the Philippines peddling the “conspiracy theory” that’s being promoted by the media.

Here’s my simple response to Dr. Padilla’s email:

Dear Dr. Padilla:

I can understand how you feel back home living under
an exceedingly corrupt administration of Gloria
Macapagal Arroyo.

About the Bolante Case, the Filipino people are denied
of all the facts. When people don't know what's in the
box or what's going on, they tend to guess or
speculate. Sometimes their speculations reflect their
inner thoughts or perhaps just emotions.

The fact is without the US Embassy's decision to
cancel Bolante's visa, the bad guy would still be at
large. When I read that Malacanang, DFA, and
Philippine Immigration ignored Sen. Magsaysay's
request to cancel Bolante's passport, issue a hold
departure order, and sent him to the Senate to
testify, I could not take that anymore. IT'S

I told Sen. Magsaysay and Sen. Pimentel sometime last
October via email that I would like to help them
collar the fugitive Bolante after issuing the Arrest
Warrant. I suggested that they provide copy of the
Arrest Warrant for Bolante and other related documents
to the attache office of the US Department of Homeland
Security and the FBI Liaison office at the US Embassy
in Manila. Then I also suggested that some parties
file criminal charges against Bolante in a court of

I explained to the Senators that I once worked as US
Immigration Inspector, Special Operations in Newark,
NJ back in the mid 90s. I used to receive Lookout List
of fugitives Wanted by foreign governments. Normally
the list was in our computerized database and in some
cases the list was in paper format distributed to
Immigration Inspectors.

I will just presume based on my experience that
Bolante's name was in the computer Lookout List for
Wanted Persons as a result of Sen. Magsaysay's request
for help from the US Embassy. So when Bolante arrived
at the port of entry in LA, the inspector(currently
titled as Customs and Border Protection
Officer(CBP)spotted his name in the Wanted Persons
list with a revoked US visa and sent him to the
Secondary office at the airport for a thorough

When Bolante was confirmed to be the Wanted Person, he
was detained for a removal (deportation) proceedings.
According to SOP, the arresting officer(a member of
the Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Branch(ICE)notified the Phlippine Consulate to take
custody of the fugitive. I presume that the Consulate
personnel did not know what to do and asked for
intructions from the Home Office(DFA). The
instructions came and Bolante was advised to ask for
asylum to avoid deportation. The rest is current
history that we're writing.

Please suggest to those with Anti-American sentiments
to understand fully the facts and resort to fair play.

I did experience injustice in America in my career but
I used the law and the courts. I was vindicated for
fighting what's right and just. The American
government is indeed a government of law. That's what
we're trying to set up in the Philippines whose
government is run by unscrupulous men and especially
by an abnormal woman.

Best regards,


As a postcript, Dr. Padilla requested me to help the team of Filipino lawyers led by Prof. Harry Roque of the University of the Philippines in submitting a Amicus Brief to the Immigration Court in San Pedro that has jurisdiction over Bolante's asylum application. Here's my simple suggestion to Prof. Roque:

Anyway, I'm confident that Bolante's application
> for
> asylum will be ruled by the IJ as a "FRIVOLOUS
> APPLICATION" and also his case will be denied on the
> ground that he is not eligible to the asylum
> benefit:
> INA(Immigration and Nationality
> Act)208(b)(2)(A)(iii)
> provides that an applicant for asylum is not
> eligible
> to be granted the status of a refugee if "there are
> serious reasons for believing that the alien has
> committed a serious nonpolitical crime outside the
> United States prior to arival in the United States."
> The fact is that Bolante has been charged of the
> crime
> If my high hopes would be frustrated, then such is a
> good case for a US congressional inquiry or an
> investigation to be conducted by the Office of
> Professional Responsibility of the US Department of
> Justice.
> I have used various investigative agencies when I
> filed my own Federal Whistleblowing case back in
> 2000
> when I was still an Immigration Officer.
> However, if Bolante's case will be ruled as
> "frivolous" he shall be permanently barred from
> seeking another immigration benefit. And his
> "dirty"
> body will be immediately removed from the United
> States back into the hands of the Philippine Senate
> that issued a Warrant of Arrest.
> Regards,
> Jun