Friday, May 29, 2009

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


It is said that former Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos got caught on tape while making love accompanied by groans and careless musical whispers “Ilocano” style with a planted American sexy model named Dobie Beams. Who did the recording and who disseminated it in the media during the pre-people power days? It’s still a mystery today.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo some years ago also got caught on tape talking to former election commissioner Virgilio Garcillano to do something to increase her votes during the 2004 presidential elections. Who did the recording and disseminated it to the press? It’s still a mystery today.

Now we have an interesting case of a sex video of a famous doctor and a famous actress in the Philippines being flooded in the internet and CD outlets all over the country. Who did the recording and the initial dissemination of the sex videos to the public. Still nobody knows who did it. It’s still a mystery.

My point in this article is that indeed mysteries are still around us waiting to be solved. But what can we do about it. Nothing but leave it to posterity until the day of reckoning so to speak. That is what the Bible says: there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.

What is getting interesting about the doctor-actress sex video in the Philippines is its questionable significance that would warrant a Senate investigation.

I would say that the Marcos-Dobie Beams sex tape should have warranted a Senate investigation except that it happened during Martial Law. It was a matter of national security considering suspicion that the American sexy model was perceived to be a CIA spy. Marcos’ wife, Imelda, opted instead to instruct the Immigration Commisssioner to deport the sexy spy back to California. What a pre-emptied strike against any escalation of the scandal.

The Gloria-Garcillano tapes somehow came under the curious and suspicious eyes of the senators and congresssmen. It was indeed a matter of national security or a violation of law. Bu nothing happened to punish the culprits. Perhaps Philippine justice succumbed to the glitter of gold.

So what is interesting about the Dr.Hayden Kho-Sexy Actress Katrina Halili sex video? It warranted much to my surprise a formal Senate investigation! Definitely it was not a case of government corruption or national security.

Consider the number of Philippine senators who are former movie actors and entertainment personalities. I may say this that the recent Senate hearing of the sex video of two famous personalities was just for the sake of entertainment. However, it was indeed a good show nonetheless.


Friday, May 22, 2009

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


This much I can say now about who would be the next mayor of New York City. He is none other than the incumbent, Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

This much I can say who would be the next president of the Philippines. He is none other than Senator Manny Villar.

The ball is now in your court to tell me why I am bold enough to make these two predictions.

I believe that the best leader of any association or group is one who can lead, who can inspire, and most of all who can provide.

The one who can help provide for the needs of the people, starting with the basic human needs - food, shelter, clothing - deserve to be the leader.

Who can live or survive with empty promises and impossible dreams that a scammer or swindler does best? How much worse is one who lies, cheats, and steals.

Remember Joseph of the Old Testament.

God gave Joseph, a former slave, the wisdom to interpret the dreams of the Egyptian Pharoah about what would happen in the future as to the financial state of the country.
Equipped with such foreknowledge, the Egyptian Pharaoh was able to prepare his county and people to the onset of imminent shortages of food.

It was Joseph, God’s chosen leader, who saved the people from famine and starvation that finally led to a life of plenty and prosperity. He was finally selected to be the ruler of Egypt where he kept the people under his regime with bountiful blessings from God.

Yet he never became vindictive against his brothers who sold him while he was young to the slave traders. He even saved them from sure death and starvation. And God truly blessed Joseph thereafter.

I just hope that both Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Villar have the leadership calibre of Joseph to make my predictions true.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

By Gonzalo “Jun” Policarpio


I watched the Pacquiao-Hatton boxing match over the weekend and I never saw Hatton, the British opponent, even for a second gestured a prayer. But Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino champion, did so many times. It helps to show you worship God in Heaven before the worldly crowd and television audience. God likes it very much. Yet I can’t say for sure whether God helped Pacquiao to win. I believe his prayer to God helped himself. And he demolished the British “Hitman” to pieces.

Talking about the same boxing event at Las Vegas, Nevada, a controversy emerged revolving around the way Martin Nievera, a Filipino pop vocalist, sang the Philippine National Anthem. According to officials of the Philippine Historical Society, Nievera violated a certain law that prohibits changing the tempo as composed by Julian Felipe, a Filipino patriot, from the early days of the Philippine Revolution. I did listen to the “polluted” tempo that Nievera used in singing a la cabaret. Perchance because of his ignorance of the history of the Philippine Revolution, his singing styled failed to emit any patriotic Filipino sentiment. Now Filipino singers should learn from that mistake.

Speaking of Philippine historical bits and pieces once again put me into a recollection mode.

Former Mayor Ed Koch of New York in the early 80s once attended a Filipino function held at the Silver Palace Restaurant in lower Manhattan in honor the birthday anniversary of Jose Rizal, the Filipino National Hero. In attendance that night were former Senator Ernesto Maceda, former Senator Heherson Alvarez and his wife, and former journalist Alejandro Roces . They were in the United States as political refugees from the Marcos regime.

At the gala reception, the former New York City Mayor Koch received a gift of two famous revolutionary books written by Jose Rizal, the NOLI ME TANGERE and the EL FILIBUSTERISMO. Remember that Rizal’s authorship of these two novels caused his death by firing squad . I just wondered whether the former mayor has bothered to read the books. I never had a chance to ask that question .

A sense of Filipino patriotism as symbolized by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem or a sense of respect for Jose Rizal, who died in the fight for freedom and justice for the Filipino people, would be best captured in an honest and effective rendition of anthem’s message and effective portrayal of the Filipino hero’s sacrifice for his country. Commercializing these two Filipino values should forever be shunned.

Anyway, a Filipino won in a contest against a non-Filipino for the glory of the Philippines. That ’s good enough nowadays since some crazy journalists are branding the Philippines as a “a nation of servants.”